Essay from Donoxon Ibodullayeva (needs to stay April 1)

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Donoxon Ibodullayeva

“Social activism or exemplary education”

In the fast-pased world, it is completely wrong to think that the “Youth Union” and voluntary organizations consist of idleness and only taking the time of students. I think that every student should be socially active along with education, because sharing the knowledge and skills that they have with others, organizing various creative projects for their peers, and sharing news there is no bad side, on the contrary, it is very useful. But some teachers are against it, in their opinion, the knowledge of the student who joins the organization decreases and his grades fall. Unfortunately, through such wrong ideas, they are withdrawing students from social activity. After all, if they don’t share their knowledges with others, why are they studying, just to enter the university? Well, let’s say he or she is a student, if they do not have initiative, if they can not speak fluently, what kind of staff will they become?

We ambitious youngsters must conquer the highest peaks. Of course, in order to achieve these results, we need a clear structure.”Youth Union” organization helps us lay this solid foundation.

Every student who joins the organization develops a number of skills, such as working with a team, thinking deeply, and speaking fluently, and these skills will always be useful to the student in the future, regardless of what kind of work they will do. In addition, this organization provides us with unforgettable childhood memories, and always calls for activity and unity. Every student who steps into the leadership system can’t get out of it again, because a person who has found his place in a society does not want to leave the system at all.

The leaders of Uzbekistan are a big, united and inseparable family! Organizing projects and motivational training together with them gives me energy. Another pillar of leadership is that it teaches students to be positive, because a positive person can lead those around them to a brighter future. I can say without hesitation that the first step to leadership begins with “Youth Union”. I am proud to join this organization, and I encourage all my peers to join this system!

Let’s unite youngers and leave the past behind and move towards the future. Let’s try so that our name will take place in the pages of history!!!

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