ESSAY FROM  FADWA ATTIA WITH HER WORKS (painting and photography)

Woman with light skin, red lips, brown eyes and hair, a white large brimmed hat holding a white cat.

Fadwa Attia from Egypt wonders, do the arts now in all fields need identity?

Yes, it is the difficult equation from ancient times to the present time. We need identity with its features.

These features were formed by different cultures, which It started from the ancient civilizations of the ancient Egyptians. Until we reach the present time, all of this, as I said in my previous articles, made identity formed from ideas and culture, so it became a cultural reference.

The identity thesis became important in theatre, cinema, fine art, and others.

But after I presented solutions to preserve identity, which is one of the basics of heritage, cultural heritage and other things, we need a lot to know the importance of our identity that we have missed, and to continue our dialogue.

About the solutions necessary to preserve identity, after training cadres and developing systematic plans for the coming years through strategic planning by specialists and researchers in these various fields, various seminars to introduce identity, in general.

Then, there is a taste of identity from the receiving audience, whether it is trainees from the cadres who carry out strategic planning.

Canvas impressionistic painting of a person at a circus (?) seated in front of an audience with lamps and banners in the background. Orange, blue, purple colors.

As well as the public that we educate through cultural and artistic seminars, producing short and documentary films about identity.

As well as holding conferences from which it issues,

Books and exhibitions calling for the preservation of identity, its elements and features. 

Also, the media coordinates with him through the responsible state’s channels through various programmes.

Which demands the preservation of identity, its history and culture.

Through the Internet and also through satellite channels and television programmes.

This makes the preservation of identity continuous and never-ending.

White and brown ducks in front of a stone building with some plants and dry ground.

Which brings us to one truth: Identity is a homeland that we cannot do without. My identity is from within my homeland, from within the cultural and artistic heritage. From within our features, our art, and our heritage are like an inexhaustible river. We need a lot and a lot so that our identity from which our art emerges is not lost, and so that there is not a crisis in the loss of our identity. We are peoples with civilizations that have roots. We cannot dispense with our civilizations and our history. We need to support ourselves by preserving identity by all possible means.

Therefore, we continue our simple, enjoyable dialogue about identity through true, sincere art, and we have a new dialogue that we will continue in new articles later, with you with love and respect from our beloved Egypt.

My Lifelong Lover 

Stone ruins of a doorway in a historic building

I have waited for you so much, my beloved, and I have hope that your love will be like the sea whose waves do not calm down. Your love has become the focus of my life. Do you feel me or not? Your distance has increased a lot, and my days have become lost to me and I have become no longer the one who loved you.

Come back, beloved of my life, to my warm heart with your love. Come back. You will find me waiting for you, wandering in love during your days, and getting lost with you in the moments of my life, my lifelong lover.


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