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[Tashkent State University: teacher Khushiyev, who taught ethics and aesthetics, will be dedicated to the life path of Eshniyoz Elboyevich…]

Literature…. Literature is such a unique universe that you can live with its wonders.  Literature is such a world that you can stay forever in it.  Literature is like a priceless garden…In this garden there are many saplings and trees rich in the best quality, sweet, pleasant and fruits that you can enjoy if you eat them.  Poets, writers, thinkers, and writers who devoted their lives to literature are fruit trees, and their fruits are in the form of unique poems, quatrains, and works that they left behind.  Every time we read, hear, or read poetry, we can enjoy it, gain spiritual nourishment, and expand our worldview.  We create our own world in the world of silence…
         “I’m sick of literature,
          My training was not worth it either.
          Sealing his word forever,
         I will be a man, my students

   People’s poet of Uzbekistan. The faithfulness of Muhammad Yusuf wrote before it last poem…
As we mentioned above, I am the fruit of those fruit trees.
The ones I enjoy the most (in a comparative sense): Muhammad Yusuf;  “Hero of Uzbekistan” Abdulla Oripov;  Usman Nasir, Zulfiya, Abdurayim Rahmonov, Erkin Vahidov, Saida Zunnunova and Khushiyev Eshniyoz Elboyevich…

    Yes, of course!  My grandfather Khushiyev Eshniyoz is a poet from whose poems I can in some sense learn lessons and inspiration, spiritual rest, and the knowledge and skills I need.

When I first heard about this person’s life path, I was shocked. Because this person spent his whole life on literature: poems, works, learning and teaching science, and as a highly educated person, especially in my eyes.  On the one hand, my grandfather, and on the other hand, he became one of my favorite poets.  Khushiyev Eshniyoz was born on August 25, 1943. He later studied at the National University of Uzbekistan with the most famous poets and writers of our country, in particular:  The holder of the titles “Hero of Uzbekistan” and “People’s Poet of Uzbekistan”, one of today’s writers studied together with Abdulla Oripov.

  When I was in creative talks and meetings with our hero, they said that he spent a lot of time with Abdulla Oripov. He knew Persian, Arabic, Russian, German…  we can’t express it in words. Even when fate pinned him to the bed, he wrote down his sufferings, pains, and happy moments on white paper, accompanied by a pen, for poetry.  the owner of a familiar soul…..!

No one can be like my mother!

Sometimes I dream of the sun,
Sometimes the thorn in the flower catches my attention…
They didn’t know my pain, even if they were blood relatives
SHe can’t laugh when her child cries,
No one can be like your mother!
Tell me, didn’t she run because of you?
If you’re sick, didn’t it kill you?
Or did not have time to become a mother?
SHe laughs and cries, even if she gets a thorn in her hand!
No one can be like your mother!
If you cry, shed tears together,
SHe risked her life so that you will live when the time comes,
SHe waited for your happiness longer than you,
No one can know that you are an angel!
No one can be like your mother!
Do you need anything more than that?
Even white milk is delicious!
Is every step you take a flower garden?
Golds are irreplaceable!
No one can be like your mother!
Your childhood passed with warm bread,
With the beautiful moments of the old house,
Did you hear about the city with its bread?
You can’t say why you don’t come!
No one can be like your mother!
The black hair she gave you
SHe doesn’t complain even if her face is wrinkled!
Don’t deserve to lose one year,
If she leaves, she will never be found!
No one can be like my mother!

Saidaliyeva Parizoda Davlatbaevna was born on November 30, 2007 in Narpay district, Samarqand region of the Republic of the Uzbekistan. She study at school number 68 from 10 class. To this day, she is the owner of many examples of poetic creation.

2nd place in the Zulfiya district stage of 2022, 3rd place in Termez in 2021, Navoi followers competition in the Republic of 2023 was named 3rd place and Surkhandarya region was also won added to the ranks of the provinces. In addition, participated in large and small competitions and won top places. From a young age, she put the profession of journalist in front of herself and began to work on herself. Her efforts paid off and she was invited to show on prestigious TV channels in Uzbekistan, such as ZO’R TV, and even appeared on the show “Morning Greetings”, as well as Uzbekistan’s most famous, as Laylo Rustamova, Ozod Nazar (critical journalist) In addition to this, she also appeared on TV channels in Surkhandarya region several times. She studied at the School of Young Journalists in Tashkent. Moreover,  journalism, she is interested in poetry, fiction, the proof of which can be learned through her authorial poems and stories.

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