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Feruza Sheraliyeva

Corruption is the evil of development

There are various types of corruption in the world. Thousands of studies have been conducted by scientists, various institutions and international organizations to reveal the reasons for its origin, to find effective ways to combat it. The work and researches in this regard are continuing consistently. What is corruption itself? Who will carry it out? How does corruption arise? Problematic questions, which were mentioned above, encountered in our society. So what is corruption itself? Who are its true essence and the forces that drive it?

The term corruption is commonly used to refer to the political apparatus. Buying officials, their sale of bribes are also called corruption. The most common types of corruption include bribery, fraud, extortion and nepotism. The word “corruption” in Latin means violation and nausea.

After the  independence of our country was announced, a number of normative legal acts were adopted aimed at preventing crime. Although the state agencies which fight against corruption were established, they are not working hard enough to solve the problem. Literally, the amount of corruption is increasing day by day. And the worst side is that people are indifferent to such a state, treat it as a normal condition.

If we take a deeper look at corruption and the associated economic crime in today’s economic and political situation of states, it is considered to be the main source of danger that hinders progress and one of the main threats to security. The scale of damage that were taken as a consequence of  corruption is endless.

Every citizen who aims to have stable conditions for honest work, spending knowledge, energy, creative abilities, and who wants his or her children and loved ones to enjoy the results of civilized market relations in democratic and civil society in the future, should put a necessary barrier on the path of corruption in time. I reckon that majority of individuals have well understood what sad consequences these vices may have.

We need to fight against the scourge of corruption together, with tact and bold steps. Each law is adopted with a noble purpose, seeking positive outcomes. A closer acquaintance with the law, an attempt to apply it to our life, understanding of how terrible the scourge of corruption is, an independent perception, and most importantly, the fight against it is the civic duty of each of person.

Sheraliyeva Feruza was born in 2005 in Muzrabot District of Alpomish neighborhood of Surkhandarya region. Currently, she is a tenth grade student at 55th school in this area. She is actively attending in the essay competition “Constitution is the foundation of our happiness”, at the contest “Young reader”, “The best reader” and in the contest of pictures “Enlightenment against ignorance”.

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  1. You say very interesting things and wishes.But the plain truth is that we live in a world where the Alibabas and their 400 thieves dominate us, so we must be attentive and follow your “Enlightenment against Igborance”.
    Thanks for Yr words Sheraliyeva.

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