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Gulsevar Xojamova



The educational process is continuous, based on the principle of sequence and consistency, and is effective. From the earliest times to the present day, “Human education” as an urgent issue requires equal consideration in all peoples of the earth. Honorable President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev said, “The main goal of building an independent and strong state in Uzbekistan is to build a fair society where people, their rights and freedoms are considered the highest value and respected. At the same time, it is to further strengthen our rightful place in the Muslim world and the world community. First of all, we understand that this is in line with improving the system of education and enlightenment, directing the youth who are the future of our country to receive modern knowledge, and raising a well-rounded person. It is not for nothing that they say that. Education is a continuous process that goes on for centuries.

       Currently, the content of the educational work being carried out in our country is aimed at forming a well-rounded generation. Necessary conditions and opportunities have been created in the republic to raise a healthy and mature generation, to bring up the young generation as well-rounded individuals who can fully meet the requirements of the 21st century. Documents, programs and plans of state importance have been developed for specific and purposeful implementation of work in this regard. Education is not only the processes carried out in the family, school, children and youth organizations, but also includes the ideology instilled in its leading ideas through mass media, newspapers and magazines. Because education is a broader concept than education. Of course, education is a product of consciousness, but at the same time it is an important factor that determines the level of consciousness and its development, that is, it forms and enriches the spirituality of the people. It is known that school is very important in the process of educating the young generation.

     It is necessary to form the ideological and political consciousness of young people, to have a conscious attitude towards the environment and society, to love the Motherland with unlimited loyalty, to cherish the national values ​​of our people – this should be the core of patriotic education. The development of the human personality is a very complex and continuous process. Parents, school, neighborhood, friends, public organizations, environment, mass media, art, literature, nature, etc. directly influence his education. In creating all the above life experiences, it is very important to educate a person through the sphere of influence of mutual cooperation and to protect him from the environment that has a negative impact on his formation as a person, while ensuring the unity of education. The main goal of education is to develop and implement effective organizational and pedagogical forms and tools based on the rich national, spiritual and historical traditions, customs and universal values ​​of the people in the spiritual and moral upbringing of the young generation.

         It would be appropriate if young people, who become a light in the hearts and minds of young people and make a worthy contribution to the prosperity of our Motherland Uzbekistan as a blessed country, should study more carefully the rich heritage created by our great ancestors.

   Khojamova Gulsevar Abdullajanovna

Student of Andijan State Pedagogical Institute

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