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Central Asian high schoolers and teachers dressed in skirts and black pants and blouses and coats and collared shirts. Male teachers are in ties.
The student team members

I am grateful to you, my “Qaqnus”! ✨

I remember when I was a 10-year-old girl. I used to blame myself for something. In our school, I used to participate in the “Yosuman” club organized by my sister Jasmina. It was thanks to this sister that I took the first steps to “Qaqnus”. There I met a teacher named Beknazar. He did not want to be addressed as “teacher”. That’s why we used to call him “brother”. In the last months of 2018, I became an official member of the “Qaqnus” club. According to Beknazar brother, this name was named after the historical Qaqnus bird. That is, when this bird knows that its death is near, it burns and turns into ashes, and from these ashes, a new Qaqnus polapon appears. I heard that this is how Qaqnus got the name “bird of eternity”. In addition, this bird has 100 holes in its beak. Different tunes come out of all these holes when the Qaqnus sings. The 100 different sounds coming out of the beak of this bird can be seen that more than 100 students coming to our circle have different talents. The club had become an integral part of my life. The uniqueness of the environment here, the fact that I got close to my friends was a great light on light.

When I first stepped into the club, when I was just holding a pen in my hand, brother Beknazar gave my first poem to be published in the district newspaper “Gallaorol Ovozi”. As luck would have it, my poem was published a week later, and it was my first achievement. As I continued to create, brother Beknazar said: “Today you are enthusiastic, tomorrow you will be a leader! Don’t get tired of trying!” His words gave me strength. My efforts were not in vain. My first author’s book called “Journey to the Mysterious World” is proof of this. In addition, my creative works were published in many Bayoz books. I participated in various competitions. I do not complain about my achievements. My “Qaqnus” has a big contribution in this, of course! I have been a member of this family for almost 6 years. I am very happy about it. Brother Beknazar always shouted: “This place is a pigeon house! You come once, and when you find your way, you fly away again. Another one will come tomorrow.” It’s true. When I came here, I found my closest friends here, I became brothers and sisters. Our family is very large. I can tell you that this year, God willing, it will be 11 years since the creation of this circle, which includes artists from 7 to 70 years old.

So, there is a lot to say about our family. Therefore, come to our circle, we will definitely be waiting for you.

Once again, thank you for everything, “Qaqnusim!”

Smiling young adult Central Asian woman, hair up in a bun and a puffy black coat. She's outside on a green lawn.
Guzal Sunnatova

©Guzal Sunnatova Shuhrat’s daughter was born on January 12, 2007 in Republic of Uzbekistan. She has been practicing writing poetry since her 12 years old. Her poems regularly published in newspapers and magazines such as “Mushtum”, “Gulkhan”, “Guncha”, “Bilag’on”, “Bulbulcha”. Guzal Sunnatova published her poems on book of collection “Gallalar orolida”, “Yosh ijodkorlar” and her riddles on various topics have also published collection of ”Riddles”. She is winner of more than 20 republican competitions. Her future goals are become writer and ambassador.

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