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Central Asian teen girl with an embroidered cap on her head with a floral design. She's got brown eyes and straight black hair in a ponytail and earrings and a blue jacket and a white collared shirt with a black bowtie. She's holding and reading a book that looks like a pamphlet or children's book.
Ifora Olimjonova
Who am i?

The character of people is different, each one is completely different from the other. It is no exaggeration to say that there are 8 people in the world and 8 billion characters as well. However, psychologists and neurobiologists have generalized some characters according to some aspects. Now we will talk with you about them, introvert, extrovert and ambivert.

An introvert is a person whose energy is directed to the inner world. He is not bored by himself. He is calm and thoughtful, attentive to details and careful in his decisions. Introverts are sometimes seen as gloomy, taciturn and downright antisocial. But actually they are very good people. Just social connections drain their energy. There are only two or three people in the close circle of an introvert. An introvert who does not talk well with strangers is ready to discuss interesting topics with people close to him for hours. For an introvert, loneliness is a lack of involvement in someone's life. He can fell lonely even in a crowd. Reading a favorite book ir taking a meaningful walk is the best way for an introvert to recharge.

Who are extroverts? An extrovert is a person whose energy is directed to the outside world. He is polite, open and active. He approaches everything positively. He is not afraid to take the initiative and be a leader. Extroverts can sometimes seem silly because of their quick temper. But don't confuse emotionality with superficiality. Extroverts get energy from interacting with others. Loneliness for an extrovert is the absence of anyone around, not being able to find someone to talk to. They have many friends and relatives. You won't get bored with extroverts. In order not to get tired of the sameness and light the inner fire, they go to the crowds or invite guests.

Now let's get acquainted with the third type, ambiverts. They naturally engage in a flexible model of negotiation and listening, ambiverts express confidence and motivation enough to persuade and close sales, but are more inclined to listen to their customer's interests and are overly enthusiastic or arrogant is not visible. Therefore, representatives of this third type are neither extroverts nor introverts. We can simply call them neutral persons.

By Ifora Olimjonova
16-year-old girl

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