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Young Central Asian woman standing outside in front of trees and a house. She's got black hair and bangs and earrings and is in a lacy white top and a pink jacket and is giving a thumbs up.
Inobat Karimova

“Eastern woman’s enlightenment”

     Woman! Ever since humanity appeared on earth and recognized itself, this mysterious and strange creature has not yet been defined and explained! Just as every soul discovers the feeling of love anew, definitions of women are updated every time and always. However, there is one divine truth that will never be forgotten and will never change – this is that the Creator created woman with the high status of MOTHER. That is why it is not for nothing that special emphasis is placed on the sacred and respectability of Motherland. For centuries, the cultural level and spiritual perfection of any society was determined by the attitude towards women. Honoring women and showing respect to them is one of the characteristics of the Eastern peoples, including the Uzbek people. The more the nation glorifies women, the more it is glorified. Here, in the words of Simone de Beauvoir, “They are not born as women, they are formed as women”, that is, the development of women’s intelligence is a product of the education she received in her youth and throughout her life.

In the Eastern nations, women were brought up with great attention and sophistication from birth. It would not be wrong to say that these traditions still continue today. Because we see the attention and respect for our women in every part of our society and our women are also a pillar for the development of the country to the extent that they are no less than brave men in every field, be it politics, society, or agriculture. we can witness that he is working hard. Because today, the efforts aimed at protecting the rights of women, helping to develop their intellectual and business potential, and encouraging their initiatives are creating a basis for the rise of the status of our sisters in the family and society.

Here, as an example, we can cite the fact that the “Irrigator girls” club has been operating in a small corner of this country at the agricultural institute, and it has managed to do a number of things before it has been long. This club aims to identify creative female students in the fields of science, art, poetry, sports, who are studying at the Karshi Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnologies under the initiative of the head of this institute Z.Z.Mukimov was established for the purpose of development and support. As soon as we hear it, you can say how poets, connoisseurs of creativity, and gentle souls can get an education in the field of agriculture. However, in this institute, the girls are not only educated in agricultural fields, but they are showing that they are all-round talented and sharp companions, including their leadership skills. The head of the “Irrigator girls” club, Mrs. Yakubova Shakhnoza, extends her hand of help to the girls in every way and gives more energy to the creations of our girls.

Two women teachers in a short dress and in a skirt and jacket stand in a library flanked by young teen girls. The girls are in school uniforms that are collared white shirts with blue designs on the collar and white skirts with blue designs.
The Irrigator Girls

We can conclude from this that as our respected first president Islam Karimov said, “Glorifying a woman means glorifying the Motherland and life.” Today, this is literally proves that our women can show their leadership ability in any corner of our country and in any field, and also unite the family and society, bringing blessings to it. It is proof that they can illuminate our homes with the light of kindness. Maybe that’s why there is no such kind and playful woman anywhere in the world as an Uzbek woman who rocks the cradle until dawn, bakes sweet cakes from the oven for her child, puts her glasses on her child’s eyes.

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  1. Inobat, I found your intelligent essay very meaningful. I am so happy that the Uzbek people honor and nurture the women of your land. One may contrast that reverence with the second class citizenship afforded beleaguered women in other lands and the burdens, financial, physical and psychological that these unfortunate women bear. Thanks very much for opening my eyes to what is happening in the world.

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