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Organization of educational process using modern and traditional methods

Irodaxon Ziyoyeva Umidjon qizi is a student of the Denov Institute of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy

Abstract: This article describes in detail the use of traditional and modern methods in organizing the educational process, their advantages, disadvantages and impact on the teaching process.

Key words: traditional methods, modern methods, educational institutions, electronic tools, visual tools.

When it comes to the use of methods in the teaching process, we witness the division of our society into three:

 1. The first group favors these traditional teaching methods.

 2. Representatives of this group promote modern teaching methods.

 3. Those in the last group consider both methods to be useful and support them.

In turn, both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.  A solid education system is the main condition for the development of any nation.  It is a well-known fact that the education system still relies on traditional methods and there is a need to blend the traditional teaching with modern teaching tools for an advanced education system.  There is a difference in people’s opinion regarding the use of traditional teaching methods and modern teaching methods.  Some people believe that traditional teaching methods are the best for imparting education while others agree that we should use modern teaching methods to impart quality education.  However, it is necessary to maintain a balance between them.  using traditional and modern teaching methods.  Both traditional and modern teaching methods should be used simultaneously to improve learning.

Traditional teaching methods.  Traditional teaching methods are used in educational institutions in most regions of our country. In the traditional teaching method, teachers describe the concept.  The topic is written on the board and students write important notes from it.  After the lecture, students review their notes and try to remember.  The main goal of traditional education is to successfully pass the exam, that is, control tests during the assessment of acquired knowledge.  The traditional teaching system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

 Advantages of traditional teaching methods.

 Traditional teaching methods used in educational institutions have many advantages and these advantages can also be selected as disadvantages of modern teaching.  Traditional teaching methods are cheaper and more convenient than modern teaching methods.  It can be afforded by all strata of the population.  It is more suitable for schools in rural and remote mountainous areas.  Some subjects, such as mathematics or chemistry, are best taught on the blackboard as there is.  Chemistry requires specific skills and equipment.  In such a situation, traditional methods of teaching in remote areas come in handy.  There is more teacher-student interaction in traditional teaching than in modern teaching.  Also, in traditional educational methods, discipline is strongly established in the classroom and does not require any special conditions or techniques from the teacher.  In such an educational method, the teacher has to carry out the essence of the subject and the lesson by using his personal abilities alone without any aids.

Modern teaching methods

 Since the last decade, the use of high-tech equipment in educational institutions has increased rapidly.  Currently, there is a single and reliable educational program for taking attendance and daily grading of students.  Use of computers or laptops with Wi-Fi connection in the classroom – This is an important tool in most modern teaching methods.  The teacher shows the topic himself laptop/computer connected via Wi-Fi connection of students’ laptops/computers. Use of interactive whiteboards in class- Whiteboards are highly interactive and provide touch control of computer applications.  A teacher or student can draw, write or manipulate pictures on the board, so it’s a very interactive and fun platform.  The main advantage of whiteboards is that it can show everything that can be viewed on a computer.  Other less popular modern teaching methods include the use of digital games in the classroom.  Using special websites or blogs to teach in the classroom Using microphones for lecturing in class Each lesson has electronic whiteboards in the classroom, which the teacher can use to post videos and short assignments on the topic.  This type of teaching is mostly found in higher education institutions because they have better infrastructure than schools. Studies have shown that using visual aids for teaching helps students to better understand the subject and provides a foundation for students to memorize the concept.  With modern teaching methods, the teacher can cover more content in less time, saving time because they don’t have to waste time writing on the board.  The videos and animations used in modern teaching methods look at the traditional methods. The integration of modern and traditional teaching methods is an effective teaching method. Until now, we have seen that modern and traditional teaching methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.  We have studied, therefore, that the integration of our educational system will be useful when both methods are achieved in a suitable and correct combination.

    Here the main question arises: how can we combine traditional and modern education?  Let me explain this with the following points.  Blackboards and projectors can be used in the classroom at the same time;  when teaching complex mathematical equations, the teacher can use the blackboard in the theoretical lesson, subjects can be taught using slides on the projector.  Basic subjects and applied subjects of engineering can also be taught best with the help of blending traditional and modern teaching methods.  Explain only the theory on the board and it is better to use experiment videos or animations to better explain the process.  In addition, there is another aspect where we can combine traditional and modern methods.b Teachers can first teach the subject through traditional methods and then take help from modern teaching methods to revise the subject because  after revising the topic the new topic will be more understandable.

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