Essay from Lazizakhan Khalilova

Young Central Asian woman with dark curly hair, brown eyes makeup, a pink ruffly blouse, and a black best. She's in front of trees, grass, and a wooden bench.
Lazizakhan Khalilova

Is It easy to grow up?

( story)

Sabina is six years old, Her eyes are big and these eyes close when she laughs. She is interested in everything, she wants to know everything.  She asks questions with interest to everyone’s conversation as the famly eats around the table, sometimes she asks her father, sometimes her grandmother…

The famly members sometimes get tired of answering this girl’s questions and they often answer that you will understand when you grow up. This makes Sabina angry.

-“When you grow up you understand, when you grow up, you now” . When will I grow up? – Sabina thought. After all, I’m six years old. My pink shirt from last year is too small now, I grew up!

Maybe they don’t notice that I grew up.

Sabina went into her mother’s room with such dreams. She put on the mother’s high heels.

–         Yes… my height has grown a lot.

She wore her mother’s red shirt and knocked on her high heels. Walked back and forth in fron of the mirror.

–         Now I grew up.,- she thought to herself.

At that moment, her mother’s voice was heard.

–         Sabina, Sabina…. Where you are?

She took off her shoes and shirt in a hurry and run outside. Her favorite aunt came. She greeted her aunt with a happy smile.

Her mother immediately sets the table, tea was made. Sabina helped her mother to put various delicacies on the table.

When dinner was over, her aunt praised Sabina When everyone was around the table.

–         My niece is a helper for her mother! Well done! You are grown up.

Sabina’s eyes sparkled after hearing these words. Now she knows What it’s like to grow up.

Don’t have to try on her mom’s clothes to grow up! 

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