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21st century is the era of technology and today we cannot imagine our life without social networks. Just like “every good thing has its bad side”, social networks have their good and bad aspects, of course. Well, let’s take a look at both sides of this issue.

   Today, 95 percent of the population of our republic widely use social networks (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Google…). Because the Internet has become one of the main needs of our daily life. In addition, there is a saying that social media and the Internet make our distance closer and our burden lighter! Now we don’t have to travel thousands of kilometers to see our relatives and friends who live in another country or region, get the books we want to read from a library far away from us, spend money to buy the necessary manuals and textbooks, or waste time and deliver the necessary document for our workplace. All these tasks can be done easily and conveniently through social networks. As an example, today I have many friends who live in different regions of our country and other countries. Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent and several others… I have not visited all these places, of course. I met, exchanged ideas and then became friends through social networks. In addition, until now, some of my creative works have been published in newspapers and magazines of several countries, such as Turkey, Germany, and India. Of course, I don’t need to go to those state publishing houses and presses in order for my creative products to be seen in the world. I can find the e-mail addresses of any state newspapers and magazines and contact them using only Telegram or Facebook. In such situations, we really feel that social networks are an integral part of our lives.

 But we must admit that the main part of our life is spent on media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Especially in our society, there are many people who watch other people’s lives and lifestyles through Instagram, comment on them, put their own lives aside, and waste their valuable time by “liking” strangers’ videos or photos. As a result of many distractions in such programs and networks, there are many family disputes, among us there are people who fell under the influence of the virtual world and separated from their personal life by loving gadgets…

     Basically, everyone has their own limits and rules for using social networks. I cannot come to a firm conclusion that they should not be used, but taking into account both aspects, it is appropriate to always use them in moderation, in my opinion.

 Lobar Davronova. Uzbekistan

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  1. We are privileged to use social networks because we live at the edge of silence as the union of Sky and Earth.

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