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Madina Toxirova

Abstract:   The role of psychology in our lives and how much it is needed by children, especially teenagers

Key words: psychology , Jalaluddin Rumi , me , family , research

          Let’s look at one sort of psychology—family psychology—to better comprehend its role in our lives. According to Jalaluddin Rumi, “There are two conditions for building a happy family, one is to be able to choose a good spouse, and the other is to be a good spouse.” Education is one of the parents’ and the family’s other major responsibilities. The family is not a site where the construction of the human person ends with the foundation; rather, it is his final brick, or responsibility. the location for which the designated father is accountable until the completion of his parenting duties. Since the family is where a person first matures. He grows, succeeds, and is respected there.

    “Scientists compared the difference between 15–16-year-old boys and girls 90–100 years ago and today,” an article I read stated. Sexual and physiological puberty have progressed by 2-3 years in the last century. Although puberty truly happens between the ages of 12 and 13, it currently happens at 15. In the past, girls and boys who entered puberty between the ages of 15 and 16 were ready to get married, but they had a job. These were people who worked in farming, cattle breeding, or other occupations and had surmounted both material and spiritual challenges. Children become adults at the age of 12 or 13, at which point they enroll in an 11-year vocational program at a school or lyceum. In conclusion, it will take them 20–21 years, and for some of them, 23–25 years, to become independent. At this point, family building is included along with their development. Then, a lot of obligations and changes will fall on them; regrettably, this is what leads to divorces in our culture, with children suffering the most. Had everyone taken a psychology course prior to marriage, they would not have been disappointed to such an extent.

A person needs to be able to discover his or her “ME” before getting married, as I previously stated. The idea that a person discovers his or her “I” during this transitional stage between childhood and youth—a time when experiences are more nuanced than at other stages—astonishes me. This time frame roughly corresponds to students in the fifth through eighth grades. Every child and every type of young person exhibits the completion of this phase. Adolescence is often referred to as the “transition period,” “difficult period,” or “crisis period” by some.

Adolescence is a challenging and complex time due to changes in many facets of growth, including moral, social, mental, and physical. Puberty is when this time frame starts. He will have an entirely new relationship with both himself and other people. He has a unique perspective on life. His values, self-awareness, and assessment shift, and his interests also do.Even folks who don’t seem to like anything can seem to have nothing they need at times. His “I” and the significance of this “I” to him.

     It is reasonable to state, in conclusion, that psychology is a subject that needs to be researched. A person who studies psychology gains knowledge on how to interact to others, communicate, and navigate challenging circumstances. These days, a lot of people require psychologists. As you can see, psychology is essential to us regardless of where we travel or what we do. The application of psychology is personal.       


1.oila psixologiyasi (Toshkent2008)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your essay with us! I totally agree that people should get to know themselves before deciding to marry. Everyone has their own specific needs and should have a proper idea of what kind of life they wish to lead before taking such an important step.

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