Essay from Mahbuba Juraboyeva

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What should be the speech of a lawyer?

        It is known that every professional talk a lot about the important aspects, problems and solutions of his field, people can attract attention. Effective speech and eloquence are also very important in the field of law. Speech is a person’s life; therefore, it is impressive and correct in written and oral speech must be able to speak beautifully. So, mastering speech culture and language standards, is his ability to use the means of expression in different situations. Public speaking, first of all, deep knowledge and experience of the same topic from us demand the moral right to speak in front of others is enough. That is why, we should not be afraid of public speaking. After all, the main thing is not that you speak beautifully, but that you have an idea worth saying is what you can deliver to your audience. Lawyers are always human has to communicate a lot with. It is different during the communication period there may be situations. In similar situations, the lawyer himself. He should be able to manage and convince people through his speech. For example, the court to the rights of another client while the lawyer defends his client not to use offensive words, to make people sitting in the courtroom to his speech.

He should be able to attract, most importantly, he should be able to prove that his client is right should be able to find evidence. If he cannot find such evidence, the lawyer is in court he may not be able to protect his client, he may end up in a disadvantageous situation. Or rather, if a strong opinion is expressed, but it is not delivered correctly, it is the citizen’s fault to prove his innocence or, if he is guilty, to impose a just punishment against him also causes difficulties. If the law is the main tool of the lawyer, the effective expression of it is the word. That’s why the lawyer’s voice he must have an impressive power, only then he can convince everyone to his opinion convinces. In my opinion, every lawyer has his own way of speaking it is required to show that he is a cultured person. Employees in the legal field the symbol of the state. Accordingly, when citizens turn to them, they are obliged to answer, realizing their responsibilities. Lawyers during his career in different audiences, in front of people of various levels it is necessary for them to master the skill of making a successful speech. Of this and for him, first of all, knowing what to deliver to the audience is his main thing able to express ideas clearly and succinctly, having a confident tone, sincere being able to attract the audience to his speech is one of the most important aspects.

             The great American writer Mark Twain says the following in one of his works cited the idea: “To prepare a bright urgent speech, usually it will take me more than three weeks.” So, public speaking at first glance, it seems easy to be able to speak, but the unique knowledge is huge as responsibility demands. Even great orators avoid public speaking they form their speech first. In conclusion, lawyers in speech, first of all, having the ability to convince others is important. Because this is one of the sensitive issues in their work.

                                              Juraboyeva Mahbuba Asqarbek                               Student of Tashkent State Law University