Essay from Marjona Jorayeva

Young Central Asian woman with a hat and black coat and black pants and white collared shirt underneath holding a yellow, white and blue flag.


The homeland is a place our ancestors deemed sacred, where our descendants guard like the apple of their eye, where our umbilical cord blood was shed. The homeland is the place everyone sees when they first open their eyes, sincerely loves, cherishes, and where they were born and raised.

Everyone loves their homeland; when they think of it, their home, family, relatives, and friends come to mind. That’s why we all strive to do everything good for our country, for its flourishing and peaceful life. The homeland is, first and foremost, our people. They are kind, generous, humane, good-hearted, and hardworking. Our people have always been close, friendly with each other. Their respect for one another is boundless, making them one of the most hospitable nations. It hosts historical sites like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm, and Termez, welcoming numerous travelers every year.

I read what the writers wrote,
The poems my poets composed.
But I couldn't find a place as beautiful
As the descriptions of my Uzbekistan.

Our sky is clear, our water and air are pure, our nature is beautiful. There are all conditions for young children to attend kindergartens and schools, for youth to study for bachelor's and master's degrees, and for everyone to work independently and conduct research. The education and employment of women, and the provision of pensions to the elderly are monitored. There are many places for education, medical treatment, rest, and cultural relaxation.

Early in the morning, we see our hardworking people baking fresh bread in the tandoor, sprinkling and sweeping the streets and yards, and the work in the fields has already begun. We also witness birds singing their "song of happiness." Some are preparing for school, some for work, others for the market or guests. During this time, we meet and greet our close relatives, ask about their well-being. We help schoolchildren and our elderly grandparents cross the road. If we are in a car, we try to give way to people and other vehicles. Whether at work, in educational institutions, or wherever we are, we find the desire within ourselves to spread good cheer and treat others well.

In the family, everyone feels very happy. With the closest people around – parents, siblings, spouses, and children – life becomes even more joyful. The father is the pillar of the family, strong and robust, providing sufficient funds and conditions for the family. The mother mainly deals with child-rearing, household chores, and her professional activities. Children, surrounded by loving people in a peaceful homeland, study and strive, becoming individuals who will benefit our country in the future.  

  In conclusion, when we speak of the homeland, everyone envisions their motherland. We are proud to be born in such a paradise-like, beautiful, peaceful, and kind homeland. Just as everyone loves their mother more than any other woman, people love their homeland more than any other country. Wherever one is born, that place is dear and sacred. There is no place as blessed as the threshold of the homeland. There is only one motherland, and the love for it is unique.  

Marjona Jo'rayeva was born on October 18, 2003, in the Termiz district of Surxondaryo region. She is currently a second-year student at the Faculty of Philology of the Termiz State Pedagogical Institute, specializing in Uzbek language and literature education.

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