Essay from Marjona Shayimova

Central Asian teen girl with dark straight hair with a black jacket on and a set of textbooks in her arms. Full bookshelf behind her.
Marjona Shayimova

 Achieving dream and purpose

In life, every person has goals and dreams, and they always move towards their dreams and goals. First of all, a person should clearly define his dreams and goals, and make a goal in life, not a dream. Because you can achieve the goal 90% of the time depending on the effort.

Also, you need enough self-confidence, this is very important. The paths leading to any dream and goal will not be easy. These roads consist of ups and downs. You can get tired and fall down along the way, and this should be taken lightly. However, most teenagers feel depressed or blame someone else when they fail an exam. This is not a good habit or situation, at that time a person should analyze himself/herself and learn from this mistake. Mistakes develop a person. You should never stop trying. No one becomes a successful person by themselves. If we look at successful people like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, the way to reach the current level was not easy, of course they also fell once but did not stop. Because it would not have reached this level when they stopped.

What level are you at now and what level do you want to be in the future? Act based on this because the clock is ticking, days are passing, months are passing years and your parents need to see your success. Because these people are the reason why you see this world. Therefore, it is necessary to act as soon as possible.

Marjona Shayimova Utkirjon’s daughter was born on May 13 2006 in Nurabod, in the Samarkand region.

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