Essay from Mashhura Abduhalilova (needs to be published in May)

Teen Central Asian girl with long dark hair and a white collared shirt and undershirt. She's outside by a tree and a  metal gate and stands in front of a blue, brown, and darker blue mosaic.


Today was a different day than any of my other days. I was in a hurry, in a hurry, and I didn’t manage to do anything. My class seemed like eight hours, time passed very slowly.  Well, I started to get bored as if I had passed this subject all day. While I was sitting in the classroom, it was as if four walls were coming closer and closer to me, as if the air was choking my throat, as if our teacher was singing an unpleasant opera to us, as if I were imprisoned in this room with my classmates, and even the door could not be opened again. I was writing on the blackboard.  Every time my friend walked around, a sound like a squeal-squeak from a broken cable would disturb my nerves. I wonder why I’m disturbed…

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