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Young Central Asian woman in a pink collared shirt and a hat standing in a shipyard near wooden pallets and a yellow crane.
Nigora Togaeva

Hisar is a spring that opens its eyes in the heart of the mountain ranges: first it merges into a stream, then into a river, and it is a land that shares life with endless deserts.  A country with four seasons in its bosom, the mornings are bright and the days are magnificent.  Bagri is an oasis with countless natural resources, minerals, and underground reserves.  The people are very hardworking!  At the same time, from afar, you can hear the hooting of galloping horses and the screams of riders who have entered the field.  These traditions, combined with beautiful melodies, indicate that ancient values ​​are still alive.  Listen, it seems as if the sounds of thirst are being heard from somewhere… It is an expression of a land that is angry with those who interfere with the peace and tranquility of the eternal ice stable in its mountains, and the blue fire that burns in the expanses of Avazchol is kind to its friends and cares for its guests.

 Kashkadarya!  A place of sweet fruits enjoying the generous sunlight… Kochkak figs, Kasbi almonds, Varganza pomegranates and Pandiron apples are world famous.  It is not for nothing that the popularity of Kashkadarya tandiri and Chiyali’s yakhsin has traveled all over the world.  You won’t find these mouth-watering dishes in any other country.

 You can see the national achievements of Shahri Kesh and its unique values ​​from Shahrisabzcha embroidery.  Your heart is full of sophistication.  It is this passion that will lead you to the places where classical music and status are pulsating.

 Like my grandfather, the fertile mountains of Wokham speak of the past.  The ancient monuments – cisterns – erected on the side of the caravan routes seem to confirm that the words “earth” and “mother” are twin concepts.  Yes, this is a fertile and blessed land like our mother: The ruins of Erkurgan, which lie in ruins for centuries, are a story from a great past.  Therefore, it is the land that gave birth to the great world leader, who has the potential to shine in Samarkand.  You say that the scholars have not found perfection in it.  Hazrat Beshir in the book, Langar father in Kamashi, Abu Mo’in Nasafi in Qavchin, Sultan Mir Haidar in Kasbi, Qusam Sheikh father in Kason, Zanjirsarai in Mubarak, Nasafis, Pazdawis’ footsteps have stood in this blessed soil.

 The glorious history of this land is proof of its great future.  This is the proof of the fact that the remote areas, which were far from the vision yesterday, have become a huge creative field today.  The mountains of Dehkanabad, which have been suffering from the pain of the road for centuries, look like a traveler with a diamond belt around his waist and riding towards the future.  Large-scale factories and enterprises are being built and are leading the world in terms of efficiency and production capacity.Similar positive changes are visible in all other districts, towns and villages of the oasis.  The feeling of anxiety about the next day leaves the mind.  Feelings of gratitude take its place.  Basharti, this is a ladder thrown into the future, in these schools, which are already vocational schools, I and my peers, the generation that will come after us, will work for the sake of the country, for the prosperity of the country…


 Dear friends, let’s be proud to be children of such a country!  Compatriot, let’s honor this creative nation.  It is worth seeing every bit of this country.  Let’s not forget that we are responsible for its development and prosperity.  Let’s always remember that we are involved in the fate of this country.  Indeed, our perfection is reflected in the beauty of our country.  My motherland, which unites the young and honors the old, is as dear as bread itself…

 So dear, so blessed,

 Water, soil, sun, moon.

 Heaven is actually in my country,

 It’s so beautiful…

 I am proud to be from Kashkadarya!

Togaeva Nigora Kudratovna, a journalist of the Kashkadarya regional television and radio company, a promoter of creative and cultural affairs of the 58th general secondary school in Kasbi district.

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