Essay from Qurbonova Gulsanam

Young Central Asian girl with black hair and a white shirt and black buttoned overalls.
Qurbonova Gulsanam

If a person achieves some kind of result in the world, his parents, teachers, and relatives will definitely support him.
The key to my success in life is my parents and teachers. They have always believed in me and are always by my side. They always support me when I achieve something.

  My father, being a school teacher, created a lot of conditions for us, his children, because they want us to become mature staff in the future.My father teaches physical education, so I have a special love for sports, especially table tennis, checkers, chess, volleyball, etc.I got into sports through them, that is, I took a step and achieved many results, I got 1st-2nd places at the district level, at the regional level.
My father always gives me motivation: they encourage me by saying that you can do it, you can play it.My father is happy with my every achievement. I always try to make my parents smile.I always want my parents to be proud of me.

My teachers are also the reason for my success in life.To this day, I have learned from many teachers.including my first teacher Pirmatova Shoira. She is the person who introduced me to letters. She made me interested in knowledge from my youth.
 Another teacher of mine is Saidov Javlon, a german language teacher. I see this person not only as my brother, but also as my real teacher. Through him, I gained a lot of knowledge and achieved results.For example, in the 9th and 10th grades of German language, I took the 2nd place in the district and region and received a monetary award. In addition, my school team and I won 75 million soums. The main reason why I won these awards is my teacher.I think that these achievements are a great achievement. Even now, I regularly practice german with my teacher.I try to live up to the trust of my parents and teachers.

   My future goals are that I will always help others in life, find my place, become a professional specialist, and strive to be the child my parents dreamed of.I realized in life that when a person wants something seriously, he will definitely achieve it, because such a desire was born in the spirit of the universe. Every person was created for this reason in life. If you set a goal, you must achieve it, so do not stop working.The whole world is with you, don't forget that. I would like to thank the people behind my success and give them a reason to be proud of having daughter and students like me.
QURBONOVA GULSANAM Ilhom daughter was born on April 16, 2006 in Dehkanabad district of Kashkadarya region. She is currently studying in the 10th grade of school 68 in Dehkanabad district. She has achieved many achievements to date: in education, sports and others.her articles are published in international journals.

QURBONOVA GULSANAM was born on April 16, 2006 in Dehkhanabad district of Kashkadarya region. She is currently a grade 10 student at school number 68 in Dehkhanabad district and is proud of the regional German language. She has also achieved many results in sports, table tennis, chess, checkers.

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  1. How lucky to have such a great family and friends. So you can walk this broken path of curvatures, the joy of Nature and the sorrows of human beings.
    It gives me life when the mother of a schoolgirl neighbor of mine sings to her: Get up Rosita/ get up resalada/ get up pretty/
    that has already arrived the morning / tand You have to go to school / with your friends.
    A cordial greeting

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