Essay from Mohichehra Qurbonova

Young Central Asian woman with long straight dark hair behind her head and a black and white blouse. Shei's at a table making some sort of craft out of red paper.
Mohichehra Qurbonova


Those times were the time when the autumn season had arrived. The time when the school had just stepped on the threshold…. When I always remember these times, I get a strange feeling, because I still remember the first time I went to school and it makes me excited. The decorated bags on the desks, the cute classroom set up just for us, I felt like it was all for me. The school became such a place for me that when I went there, I felt like I was walking into another world, into the world of knowledge… The dreams in my heart did not let me rest at all, it did not even allow me to sleep. I can say that my constant pursuit of news and interest in knowledge in my youth brought me to this point. However, I realized that one incident in my life was a real miracle that changed my big dreams. Being stuck in a wheelchair depressed me, it was as if life stopped for me.

At that time, I did not want to talk to anyone, when I was no longer interested in anything. forced me, that is, I started walking by writing gratitude, and I felt that my life became more beautiful as soon as I started setting goals for myself. Since my biggest dream was to send my parents on Umrah trip, my health has also changed, even my father: “Daughter, you have been through so many trials, and you are gone. You are almost in the same condition as before, Alhamdulillah, they gave me strength. Even in my worst moments, my dreams and goals did not make me weak, on the contrary, they helped me to recover and return to life.” It is my DREAMS that encourage me to walk.

QURBONOVA GULSANAM was born on April 16, 2006 in Dehkanabad district of Kashkadarya region. Today she studies at school 68 in Dehkanabad district. Her articles have  been published in international magazines. Journali, “Kenya Times” newspaper, “Page 3 News” newspapers and other international newspapers and magazines covered his creative works. In the field of science, the winner of the regional Olympiad in the German language, prize winner; in the field of sports, table tennis, chess, has won a number of prizes in checkers. Her favorite activities are making decorative flowers, reading books, playing sports. She participates in Young Reader contests due to her love for books.

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