Essay from Salomova Dilfuza

Central Asian teen girl with long dark hair, brown eyes, and a cream colored blouse.
Salomova Dilfuza

Time is running out, cherish the seconds… Time is something that cannot be returned, it is such a priceless blessing that every second of our life is a seal of our happy days, our happy life, our hard days, our unlucky years and our sad moments. In fact, we do not appreciate the time, we spend it on unnecessary things, useless games, most of our people cannot imagine their life without the Internet. Have you ever thought? How did people live in the past, they didn’t have a phone or the internet, they were happy, they used their time effectively, scientists and great people came out in our past They were writing about time, now it’s about the phone, the Internet, but the thing that is killing us is the phone. The saddest thing is that this time will not return. Even the world’s riches and most precious things cannot bring him back. No human has been able to turn back time. You know what ? Time is more expensive than money. For example, marketing is a developing field, and famous

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  1. Time is a Geography of Life, studying the distribution of plants, animals and wo/men over the surface of the Earth.
    Good for Yr words¡

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