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My impressions of books

“Khaloskor Sultan Sayfiddin Qutuz” is a novel written by Shahodat Ulug (who was born in Nurota, now lives and works in the Netherlands), and the work tells about the years of rule of Mahmud ibn Mahmud Sayfiddin, the son (nephew) of Jalaluddin Manguberdi’s sister, in Egypt, and his battles against the invading Mongols (Ain Jolut, Beit Shi’an), described the struggle of members of the Ayyubid dynasty against internal forces and their claims to the throne.

Some artistic aspects of the work are added by the author to make the reader more fascinated by the work. For example, the image of Ravza, Saifiddin’s beloved.

But at the same time, in writing the novel, the works of historians who gave information about that period were also used (Batlimus, Rumi, Charles-“Senyobas”, Makrizi).

Some of the events in the work contradict historical information (processes related to Turkon Khotun). But I don’t want to condemn the writer, the work of art is art in its own right.

But the work is characteristic of that period and at the same time it is explained in a language understandable to the reader. Special thanks to the author for this!

The ending of the play saddened me, why did the fate of such a strong person who avenged his uncle meet the same fate as his uncle…?!!

I wrote about the work briefly, but it is full of historical and artistic information. I am sure that you will witness this by reading the work.

I would like to leave you with short excerpts from the work:

“A blow from within the kingdom is dangerous because the outside world remains unaware of this threat. And the bandi locked inside goes on its way to its death in the bloody games of talent.

Life is a cruel despot.

Life is cold death inside a bloody talent game.”

“A person goes astray, but one day he will return to his origin and originality. Don’t get caught up in things that are alien to human nature.”

“Do good, if the fish knows, if not, Khaliq will know. It is enough for me to know the people.”

“Heart paralysis is a much sadder tragedy than physical paralysis. As a result, it forces a person to breathe in an unhealthy environment and condemns a person to live like a living corpse.

From the language of the image of Najmiya: “I was squeezed into my mother’s narrow stomach, oh, let there be wails, let there be cries, I could not fit into my father’s house, like a child clinging to a fortress.”

“A person sometimes finds suffering in happiness, and sometimes grows up in poverty and then rises to the heights.”

“Be careful! There is a piece of meat on the body. If it heals, the whole body heals.

If it fails, the whole body fails. He is the soul!’

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