Essay from Sevenchbonu Ozodova

Young Central Asian woman with long curly black hair and a black top and red jacket and brown belt standing outside on a brick sidewalk in front of a tree and lawn.
Sevenchbonu Ozodova
One day , after  leaving   university  ,  my friend  and I took a taxi from the city to go home . At one point , the taxi  driver  asked us : 
“ who are you for society ? “ asked the question . 

And we : 
“We are a  student , we are  future teacher “ . we answered . Then taxi driver  looked at us and laughed : 
“What ?... you could not find it “ 

At the moment , I regretted spending  3 minutes of my  time thinking about  this person’s  question … Then the taxi driver looked at us : 
-	You are  a real  pest for the society , not only  for the society ,but also for your parents , no matter how much money you spend , pay the contract for your university and finish your studies , this one penny of your profit does not reach your family , because you feed  someone else …

But he doesn’t know  that I study  at the university with scholarship and  I thanked God for having a father behind me who would burn his soul for me to my study !
I wonder  if there are still people among us who think like that ? I can not belive it . In fact , I think that these people are the most harmful  people for our society today . Because that person thinks like that , and when he thinks  like that , he does not let his daughter study and poisons  many other  people around him . If everyone in our society thought like that , then our society would never produce educated , knowledgeable  , self-confident , conscious young people . 

A wise man : Make your children – sons and daughters – knowledgeable  and educated , if you have the opportunity to educate only one , make your daughter knowledgeable , because  I am a coward than a cowardly father , a wise and lonely father than an ignorant one . I saw that a righteous child was born to a fool father , but I did  not see a righteous child born to an immodest  mother , a wise one to an ignorant mother , and a righteous child to a thieving mother . If we want to  raise the nation , let’s educate women first !
  Nowadays  , many families and men are against women  going to study .  They  can not properly accept the opportunities  given to women and girls today . Because  they think it corrupts women and girls. 

   Recently , a women threw herself and her 3 children from 9th floor .  This is just a tragedy . This not a women’s , children’s or husband’s tragedy , but a nation’s tragedy . This is because  this nation burdened  a women with tasks that are  30 times more than her body  , they  decided that  if women works , she should give the money she earns to her  husband and others  , and if she  doesn’t work , she should sit at home without  spending  any money at all .  Also , they burdened  a women with the responsibility of having a child , a husband , parents-in-law , and a  sitter –in  for 7 clans .  
They came up with  the ancient  world  view  that only  the mother  should  be responsible  for the child , and father should be a pet man . 
This woman … this is not the first  … this is not the last …
Because with us  , a woman  is not a person  , because  she has been  prepared to be a bride  all her life  , she has not received education  , she has  not  received sarpo … she is not satisfied with the love of her parents   , she is only  satisfied  with advice , she is  satisfied with  unsolicited  advice…

As long as  the environment in society  does not change , such situations will continue  to repeat  themselves … 
Women who do not  receive  love and help  in raising  children  from their husbands  treat their children  as personal  property …
And if he wants to beat , if he wants  to kill …
And the society  builds  a city where they died  , builds tall buildings …
But it does not build  a proper  ,  practical system  to stop  this situation ! 
Let’s say even when women go to ask for a girl , they look  at  the girl from head to toe as if  they  were looking at an object . And in most cases , questions about  

“how many languages you know ? ‘ ,
 “what you are interested in  ?” , and 
“ which book you like ?”  are not asked .
 What is the question ? 
“They ask  if you know  how to cook?”  ,
 “Do you bake dough ?”
 “Are you a cooker?” …

In fact , you don’t  need a very  high IQ  for  these  things  , you can even learn  them by looking them up on the internet  these days .  The world  view of women  in society is this ignorance . 
         My goal is that every girl is willing , strong ,independent… 
   Let’s   study , girls : 
This is the only way  that will lead you to a better future and a beautiful life .

-	 In order not to depend on anyone tomorrow ;
-	To be self –sufficient ;
-	So that you can see what you want;
-	To give your child a good education and upbringing;
-	In order to have your own opinion and clear judgement   when  speaking ! 
-	And not to commit similar unconscious  actions . 

           There are so many  reasons that I can’t  finish writing ! 

     The education of girls is so  important in our society that to know this , it is enough to look  at the lives  of many women and girls around us . Women are  suffering , living under heavy pressure , dying , killing their child …

It    can  be  concluded  that    the  society  with educated  women and  girls  is the  strongest  and most  mature . The reason is that when a women studies , it affects not only  herself  but also her family  , children and relatives . 

Before the child is born what the mother  does in the womb , if she  learns , it will affect the child as well .  The way of life of families will change ,  there  will be fewer quarrels and misunderstandings in families where the woman is knowledgeable and intelligent .
 Today , we are living  in a time where the digital age is developing  , you can earn money sitting at home , you can be a useful person  in general . This is the time and it’s great , it should be used  properly . Every woman has a great tendency to grow , to be useful , to show herself . We just don’t recognize this tendency ourselves .

 Let’s say  you have a desire and talent for teaching   , you can take small videos  and post them   on the Internet  and show yourself . It is  interesting  because  so many people , kids , may not know what you know , and it is a win-win . You earn money  by teaching what you know , you show  your talent  , and  because of this , many people get new knowledge .

 And motivation for you : 
        Dear girls , if you try and fail , congratulations ! Most people do not even try .
        Dear girls ,  work hard so that one day you can write a big cheque  to your parents , so that they can go on a world tour 
        Dear girls , study hard that one day your school will invite you as  a chief guest.

        Dear girls , your career should your first priority . It is not selfishness. It is necessary .
        Dear girls , your father is working 12 hours  a day just to give a better life . So you have no rights to disappoint that person 
         Dear girls , when your parents are not  rich but still afford to give you a beautiful life . Appreciate their  sacrifices . 

   And  most importantly :  IF   YOU WANT  TO BE POWERFUL , EDUCATE YOURSELF  !