Essay from Tuliyeva Sarvinoz

Young Central Asian woman with long dark hair, brown eyes, small hoop earrings, standing in front of a planter full of multicolored blooming flowers. She's got on a dark suit and tie and a medal and is holding on to a bouquet of flowers.
Tuliyeva Sarvinoz

Our society is in the hands of young people!

The growing young generation is the future of our society. Parents should lay the foundation for their education, language learning, and professional development. They should be an example to their children.

There is a saying in our people: "A bird does what it sees in its nest." Of course it is. Parents are role models for their children.

We found it permissible to give examples from events in life. A friend of mine from a long time ago used to take all his pain from his little child as a result of misunderstandings in his family, relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. His child was still two years old. The quarrels and passions that took place at home were getting imprinted in the child's memory. He was growing up as a timid, shy, lonely child...

Big mistakes of parents in child rearing started to surface. The result of their mistakes knowingly and unknowingly hit them like a slap in the face in the example of their children...

When the child reaches adulthood, he does not respect his parents, gets angry at the slightest problem, and fights with his friends on the street every day. His life was meaningless and fruitless...
You definitely don't want to get into this situation. But such mistakes are made in case of ignorance.

Dear parents, let's open our eyes. Let's not ignore the future of our children.

The future of our society is in the hands of our children and youth! They should be given knowledge in every field, be an example, read books together, and have useful activities. Then the child develops.
Why does a child born in a family of intellectuals necessarily get a higher education? Why does a child born in an artistic family become an artist? So?! Because such talents and abilities are a process that passes through genes. If you want to change the genes of your ancestors, first change yourself. Read, develop, gain knowledge, set goals. Action and action.

Let's not forget that it is in the hands of parents to form an educated, intelligent class for our society!

Tuliyeva Sarvinoz
The owner of the state award named after Zulfiya.
Teacher of native language and literature at Shaikhontohur District Vocational School of Tashkent city.

One thought on “Essay from Tuliyeva Sarvinoz

  1. Tuliyeva, I first read your essay and then looked at your photo. I was shocked that you were a young and beautiful woman and not a septugenarian with wrinkles of wisdom. You are wise far beyond your years and I take to heart everything you wrote. You are absolutely, positively correct. Regardless of the culture, children learn their most important lessons from their elders, in particular their loving, enlightened, and caring parents. Thank you for a beautiful essay. Your own children are or will be, very fortunate!

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