Essay from Xushroy Abdunazarova

When women gather, the topic of happiness often arises. Some say their happiness lies in their work, while others find it in their children and family. Another person mentions that good living conditions bring them joy, emphasizing the importance of basic needs like food. As one listens to these diverse perspectives, it becomes evident that happiness encompasses various aspects.

Moreover, it is believed that making a woman happy does not necessarily require extravagant gifts, but rather the ability to express heartfelt words that resonate with her delicate heart. Our grandmothers seek to guide their daughters towards a path of beauty and happiness, emphasizing that traditional measurements and standards are inadequate in capturing a woman’s true essence.

When we think of a woman, we are reminded of our beloved mothers, respected grandmothers, and cherished sisters. Despite our best efforts to shower them with attention and care, we acknowledge that it is never enough. This sentiment is beautifully captured in a narration from Bakhz ibn Hakim, where the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) emphasizes the importance of showing kindness and respect first to one’s mother, then to one’s father, and finally to close relatives:

I asked, “Oh, Messenger of God, who should I do good for?”

“To your mother,” he said.

“Then to whom?” I asked.

“To your mother,” they said.

“Then to whom?” I asked.

“To your mother,” he said.

“Then to whom?” – I asked.

He said, “To your father and then to your close relatives.”

Indeed, a woman has the power to illuminate the world with her grace and beauty.

Abdunazarova Khushroy was born on December 21, 2008 in Jamashuy town, Mingbulak district, Namangan region, respublic of Uzbekistan. She is currently a 9th grade student in the 15th specialized school. Winner of republican and international contests, participant of the regional stage of the Zulfiya state award, ambassador to five countries, coordinator, volunteer, member of more than 10 international organizations, author of many poems. Many creative works have seen the world. Member of “Leader Ladies club”. Winner of the 1st place in the interschool “Zakovat” intellectual game. Participant of the “Young Reader” contest. She wants to become a translator in the future.