Essay from Zarina Abdulina

Everyone has the right to a job they love

A person without a job is not a person. We tend to be constantly doing something, learning something. Lucky are those people who have understood from an early age in which field they would like to develop. But everyone has the right to their favorite job.

In every person’s life, the most important thing is what they do, their profession. And it is very important for each person to choose the right profession. One of the important criteria for success in life is improvement in the profession, improvement of oneself, love and dedication to one’s profession, only with these small rules a person can be fully happy.

It is important for us that our work, profession, and life’s work bring us not only material, but also moral rewards. A lot of people don’t spend much time on this issue. Some believe That the profession should not be loved, because it is a job, others run only for money, and others do nothing at all, hoping that others will do everything for them, and thus take responsibility off themselves, throwing it on
someone else’s shoulders, they believe that in choosing a profession their parents, relatives, friends, and fate will help them.

And this is not the case. Each person builds his own destiny, life and chooses his own profession. Sometimes it is very difficult to do this, but you need to listen to yourself, to your heart, and understand what you will do throughout your life, which will become your joy. I have been in a professional search for a very long time and today I firmly know that working with children, giving them knowledge is exactly the direction that I would like to pursue and grow professionally.

Today I can safely say that I am happy in my profession, I get up every morning with a smile thinking that I will go to work and improve there. My personal and professional development is in constant dynamics. They say we don’t choose the roads, they choose us. The idea is beautiful, deep, but perhaps not always true. My personal opinion is that people choose the road themselves. I really love my profession because it makes my life brighter! Why did I choose the profession of a teacher? I think that nothing happens by chance in life.

After graduating from high school, I entered the Pedagogical Lyceum, and then the Pedagogical University in the same direction. Before I graduated, I started working at school. But life is complicated, unpredictable and presents its own surprises at a certain period of his life. The profession that I have dreamed of since childhood is becoming a reality.

Now, working at school, I never cease to be surprised how different all children are: interesting, surprisingly intelligent, able to set a task for any adult with their reasoning and actions. Each child is
unique in its own way, each of them is talented.

Even watching quiet, somewhat indecisive children, you constantly begin to notice manifestations of certain abilities, and my task remains to help develop these abilities. To rejoice with them in their achievements, their first heights in educational or creative activity. Step by step, they become more independent.

A child’s joyful greeting, warm hugs make me smile, forget about everything, awakening in me the strength and desire to do everything so that this bright light, this love, not only never disappeared, but kindled and became stronger and brighter.

The teaching profession forces us to always stay young and this is especially pleasant, but it also requires constant work on ourselves. A variety of knowledge is needed to satisfy the curiosity of a modern child.

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