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New Constitution-development encyclopedia

Zulayho Sultonaliyeva, daughter of Sultanaliyeva Zulayho Sherzod
Jizzakh branch of the National University of Uzbekistan named after
The direction of economy (networks and sectors),
131-23 group student

Abstract. The new Constitution is a symbol of development. Because the Constitution is not a frozen law, but it should be constantly updated according to the economic, social and political changes.
Key words: Constitution, development, state, laws, strategy, Renaissance, referendum.

Changing the constitution was the solution, because today everything is developing. As our economic, social and political views are changing in turn, therefore our laws had to change as well.
If in any country human value is glorified, if human interests are put above all else, the development of that country will accelerate and at the same time there will be development. Under the consistent
laws implemented in the new Constitution, a person, his rights and freedoms, and all his legal interests are embodied.

It is also important that norms aimed at the formation of an active civil society and the further development of the institution of public control are introduced into our updated Constitution. In addition, the issue of public control over the formation of the state budget and its execution is specifically reflected in the new article 122. From this we can see how much importance is attached to our development today and great efforts are being made for the development of our development.

In his speech, the head of state noted that the interests of all strata were taken into account in the updated constitution, that the population actively participated in its development, and that it was
adopted through a referendum, which is proof that this document is a truly people's constitution.

Millions of our compatriots took an active part in the public debates held from the discussion of the draft of our constitution to its adoption. From this point of view, we have every reason to say that the real author of our new Constitution was our people. The most important thing is that we will never turn back from the path of our reforms, we will only move forward based on the new system of "man
- society - state", - said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

In our new constitution, the value of human being is put first, of course, development will improve in such a country. The future of our country, its future, development and the prosperous life of our
people directly depend on the newly adopted Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The successful results of large-scale reforms that have taken place in our republic over the past six years are widely recognized by official circles abroad. A well-thought-out long-term program of reform, democratization, liberalization and modernization of our society is attracting the attention of statesmen and politicians.

The new Constitution created the political and legal basis for the implementation of the strategy of New Uzbekistan and determined the priority directions for the further development of the state and
society at the historically important stage of the development of national statehood. The fact that Uzbekistan is a sovereign, democratic, legal, social and secular state in the first article of our
updated Constitution has become historically significant. In our updated Constitution, we can see that every article is clearly and concisely explained and elaborated. These changes and additions are aimed at the more stable development of Uzbekistan, strengthening its potential to resist various threats.

The main goal of the systematic reforms implemented in our country is to glorify human dignity, establish a people-friendly social state, and ensure justice and the rule of law. It is good that New Uzbekistan, which is creating the foundations of the Third Renaissance, has made great progress in this way in a short period of time. We are seeing the results of all these reforms. This also shows the rise of our development. The most important thing is that everyone sees and feels such changes in their daily life. In the future reforms, it is aimed to further improve these achieved results and create additional conditions for people.

It is worth noting that the strong legal foundations of the reforms at the new stage of our development, founded by our President, are in full compliance with the priority principles and rules laid down in our Constitution. many priority principles, such as loyalty to established human rights, high responsibility to current and future generations, commitment to democracy and social justice, ensuring that citizens live a decent life, are manifested today as an example of changes in the life of every person.

The results of the reforms covering all sectors and industries are visible in any region of our country, including in the villages and hamlets of the most remote districts. Today, no one can deny that
people are actually enjoying the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. The decisive factor for this is the fact that the head of our state, who is the author of vital initiatives and noble ideas, who sets the priorities, takes great responsibility for their implementation, devotes his whole existence to the interests of the nation and the country. is doing.

Effective, people-oriented state administration and a strong parliament are necessary for people to live comfortably and for the stable development of the country. Another important aspect of our
updated Constitution is that our General Assembly aims to establish a strong parliament, a compact and responsible government, and an independent and fair judicial system in order to build a people-
friendly state. According to him, the powers of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate have been significantly expanded, duplications in the work of the two chambers have been eliminated, and the sphere of responsibility of each has been clearly defined.

As a result of establishing a direct dialogue between the people and the state authorities, the attitude towards the changes implemented by the initiative of the state authorities and management
bodies has fundamentally changed. The policy of transparency has led to the prompt response of public bodies to the public opinion and the prompt resolution of existing socio-economic problems.

If we don't change our constitution today, if we don't adapt it to the norms that meet the requirements of the time, we will not be able to get rid of the "rust" that has corroded our society, besides, it will take many years for us to become a competitive, modern, most advanced country. The goal is to become a competitive, modern, most advanced country, this is not a myth, we must strive for this reality. 

The human factor plays an important role in the society we are building, which is based on the priority of human interests. The Constitution is a huge historical success of the Uzbek people during the years of national independence. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan formed the legal basis of our independent statehood, ensured the country's inclusion in the ranks of sovereign states, laid the main foundation of our freedom, the cornerstone that gave each of us the pleasure of living in a legal, democratic and open civil society.

Summary: It should be noted that the updated Constitution will be a solid legal basis and a reliable guarantee for the long-term development strategy of our country, the prosperous life of our country and people tomorrow. The new Constitution will help our development. The fact that the legal norms related to the social protection of the population are clearly disclosed in the new Constitution is a proof of the greatness of the human value. Where human dignity is glorified, there will surely be an ascension.

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