Essays from Sadullayeva Darmonjon

Young Central Asian teen girl with dark black hair and brown eyes an dearrings and a black vest over a white collared shirt and necklace.
Sadullayeva Darmonjon


The soft chirping of birds and beautiful trees added beauty to the quiet and cool avenue.  A handsome young man, who was known to be intelligent in appearance, sat down next to a girl he had known for a long time, and looked her in the eyes and said:
– I love you very much. I want to spend my whole life with you, greet the morning with you every day, share every joy with you, be a partner in your joys and sorrows.  Insha’Allah we will be the happiest couple in the world together, he said with tears in his eyes.
  Unfortunately, the girl could neither see this guy nor his tears…

A “fair” world

    Aunt Tatiana missed her daughter Anna very much after dinner and decided to write her a letter.  The sound of the wind could be heard outside.  Aunt Tatiana sat down by the burning stove and began to write a letter:

 – My daughter Anna, I miss you very much.  You know, when you were little, you always followed me, and in the evenings you said, “Oh, sleep with me. I’m so scared without you.”  In the cold winter nights, I would tell you interesting tales and stories, and you would fall asleep listening to them.  Especially after your father’s death, you became very attached to me, my daughter.  And I could not imagine my life without you.  I felt that without you, this world seems to me like a room without a door or a window.  And you have grown up, you have become a sharp minded girl.  Do you remember when you first stepped into school, I said if you get good grades, I’ll get you a doll you like.  And this innocent soul of yours would have a crush on that doll and every day you would get excellent grades and come home happy.  The joy shining in your eyes when you graduated from school and entered college is still in front of my eyes like it was yesterday.  You looked at me and said, “Hey, look, I’ve taken the first step towards my dreams. I’m going to be a famous lawyer in the future, honey. I’m going to do my best to bring justice to the world and fight for the truth.”  That moment is still forever etched in my mind.  You were the owner of an innocent and pure heart.  My daughter, you loved tulips very much.  This spring, I would like to go to the mountain with you and pick many tulips for you, to be next to me as before, to hold you in my arms, to see your smiling innocent eyes, my daughter.

   Aunt Tatiana said so and decided to send this letter to her daughter by post tomorrow.

   Unfortunately, it has been three years since that terrible and tragic car accident happened in Anna’s life when she was 18 years old…

   The dreams of a young and innocent girl turned into a dream.  His pure dreams did not fit into this “fair” world…

Sadullayeva Darmonjon was born in 2002 in Khiva, Khorezm region. She is currently a third-year student of the Uzbek language education at Urgench State University.

More than 15 scientific articles have been published in international journals and conferences such as  “Science and Innovation”, “Young Academic”, “XXL”, “Scientific Approach to the Modern Education System”, ” Google scholar” . Her creative works were  published in the newspaper “Ezgu Soz” and in the anthology “Builders of the Future”. She considered member of the International Organization ” All India Council for Technical Skill Development” too.