Drama from Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben)
Chimezie Ihekuna

A Taste of Poison

Ricardo feels short-changed whenever he’s in business with his boss, Martinez, who does ‘’business’’ at the LaGuardia Airport, with all the five major staffers, a part of his drug-cartel network. Having worked for his boss for over a decade, Ricardo sees the need to pay him back in his coin. Despite his faithfulness through the years, Martinez is fond of derogating his efforts and using the proceeds—that are due Ricardo—to his chains of girlfriends. Ricardo’s complaints hold no waters as Martinez prioritizes his lovers over intricate business deals he has with Ricardo.

However, Ricardo seeks on how his boss would, someday, have a taste of his poison—a reward for the wrongs he did to him. He figures out a plan. He discusses with his Doctor to create a ‘’image’’ of himself and contracts a willing-to-die for -the -money street thug, Roberto, to do his bidding—the would-be Ricardo’s impostor—delivering fake dollars, instead of the actual consignment as instructed by his boss. Roberto, or better known as ‘’Ricardo’’, is aware of the whole plot.

‘’Ricardo’’ is well-paid and is fully prepared for the task ahead. Ricardo, knowing the ropes of the cartel, explores the loophole and finds an escape route never to be seen again. Ricardo leaves the cartel with the hugest fortune, untraced!

The success of the plan is to Ricardo’s advantage but leaves ‘’Ricardo’’ to his fate…

                        (EXT) LaGuardia Airport, LaGuardia

                                                    (Ext)The LaGuardia Office    

‘’Ricardo’’ is received by a team of five persons—the La Guardia Boys—-Mario, Rodriguez, Carlos, Santana and Franco. Martinez, dressed in an all-white MAFIA suit, stands afar off, with his dark shades on, staring at the bag Roberto is holding. Roberto is being escorted to the point where Martinez is standing.



                                               It’s been a long time coming!

                                               Good for the LaGuardia Boys!

(They are taking turns hugging the impostor Ricardo. He’s indifferent. But Martinez appears uncomfortable)


                                          More money, more pleasure…

                                              Viva, LaGuardia Boys!

                                  I’m goin’ to enjoy myself to the fullest!


                           (Shakes his head in disappointment)

                        Carlos, I thought you were reasonable.

                         All you know about is pleasure, nothing else!


                                                       (A little upset)

This is the LaGuardia Office where businesses like what we, the LaGuardia boys do, are done nicely.

You know me too well, Franco.


                         You make me wanna laugh a little more

                          But the rule states: don’t mix business with pleasure 

                        That’s what the LaGuardia Boys is all about!                                                                                    


                                                            why interrupt me???


                                                             No comment.

                                          But Learn to be wise, my man


                                                                      I see…


                                                               (sigh of relief)

                                                            Yea, no comment

(They are at about the same position where Martinez is standing. His frown-looking face staring at ‘’Ricardo’s’’ bag means he all out for the business.)


                                                      (Stretches his hand)

                                                           Let me have it

(‘’Ricardo’’ gives away the bag in a care-free manner. Santana, Ricardo’s closest friend, knows something isn’t right with him. Carlos is suspecting, but not serious about it. The rest are indifferent. Martinez is grinning sadistically as he opens the bag for all to see. What is being seen is shocking all and sundry but ‘’Ricardo’’ is unperturbed.)


                                                        (Paces back and forth)

                                                   Ricardo, what the hell is this?


                                               Boss, you know the deal as always


                                                        What has come over you?

                                                        I suspected as much…


                                        You know, it’s all about Gold, Oil and Drugs!


                                                          You’ve gone nuts!

                                                        What’s come over you!


       You see, everything is so wrong with this shit of a cartel that what’s left isn’t just right!


                                          You must be outta your mind!

                                                Are you kidding me???!!!


                                      My mind seems to be in oblivion.

                                             But where can I find yours?


                                   Boss, he’s gone berserk!


                                         You must be a fool, Ricardo


                                                       I concur.

                                                But what are you?


                                Thank your stars I’m pretty good today.



                        You’d rain thunder and brimstone on me, I guess


                                  Your guess is as good as mine.

                                       Boss, Ricardo is crazy!!!



                         I think Ricardo has some mental issues!

                                    You’re right, Mario.

                                   He has a serious issue.

(He looks at the stacked money in the bag and sees they are all fake! All are angered. Martinez lights up his Cuban Cigar, puffs heavily)


Ricardo, as I advance towards you right now, I feel like slapping the hell outta your face!


                                  You’re permitted, if our boss wills


                                     Boss, Ricardo has gone insane!


                      Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?


With all due respect, our empire is about being dragged to the mud


                                     Did you just hear yourself talk?


                                       You heard me loud and clear!


                                            (Laughs sadistically)

                                    Some fella grown some bananas


                              Boss, I’m tired of your bossy attitude


                               Hey, what’s wrong with you, man?


                                                           So what?


              Learn to act as an adult, not just one pick-from-the-gutter girl!


                           Who is this small fry ranting words with me?



                                                        Oh! I’m ranting, right?


                                                                Yes, you’re!

                                                      What are you gonna do?


                                                      You have no manners!

                                              And you’re making these shitty statements?


                   Franco, we’re faced with the mess Ricardo has brought on the LaGuardia boys



                What would have been our greatest fortune has been turned to counterfeits.


                                              Now, is your very approach the best way?


                                         Rodriguez, use your brains, not your balls.

                                                            Learn to think.

                                     Remember, if we lose this, we’re gone!


                                                                   I’m furious.

                                                        (Parts Franco on his back)

                            I really want to make this man, Franco, y’all call him, right?

                                                  (ALL ANSWEING): YEA


                                               I want to teach him a lesson.

         Guys, Show Franco the consequences of going against Rule 3 of the LaGuardia boys Commandment

                                       (ALL ANSWERING): Yes sir!

Santana, Rodriguez and Carlos are seen beating up Franco to a pulp. Martinez and ‘’Ricardo’’ watch the show for the next five minutes. The bag, initially held by Martinez, is resting on the floor.


                                                       (Raises his right hand)


                                 (Looks at Franco’s stained-in-blood face)

                              That’s what happens when you think youi’re fly


                                                     (Spits at Martinez)

                                     You and your cartel are finished!

                                     The LaGuardia boys is history!!


                                     Proving hard nut to crack, right?

                                             Guys, whisk him away.

                       Let this be a lesson for each and every one of you.

                                     TAKE THIS WASTE AWAY!!!

           (His lifeless body is taken out of sight. It is between Martinez and ‘’Ricardo’’)


                Ricardo, do you know that your ineptitude has caused the life of Franco?


                                             I wouldn’t know.

                It’s just that what you messaged me ended up on being what you wanted


                     Why have you suddenly chosen to behave this way!


                                  Things change over time, you know.


                              What has come over you today?


                                    Still tryin’ to figure out


                     I WILL STRANGLE YOUR NECK TO DEATH…

               Now, why ruin what the build-up of LaGuardia boys’ cartel?


                                        (Struggles to speak)

                                       Please, let go off me….



                                                I’m all ears.



                                       Mistakes are inevitable.



                                    You must be outta mind!


                          But that doesn’t make you any better!

(‘’Ricardo’’ sees his cheeks being attacked by multiple slaps coming from Martinez. Santana, Rodriguez, Mario and Carlos, having deposited Franco’s corpse, joined the chorus to beat up ‘’Ricardo’’. After rounds of beating, Martinez decides to put an end to it. )


                             (Screams, as he looks around helplessly)

                                    What have just been done???!!!

                                            We’ve lost everything!!!

                                     The LaGuardia boys all gone!!!

                     (Paces back and forth. Then, maintains his stance)



                            Guys, before we embark on anything else,

                                Take this helpless body out of sight!!!

(Martinez looks on as Franco’s helpless body is being taken away. He assumes his position after that)

                           After this is done, we’ll go back to NORMAL duties in this office.

                                              We’ll stay away from cities we’re fond of visiting.

                                   You know,San Marino, Jose and a host of other places!

                                 We just have to be on the LOW for now.

                                      No more touring for the LaGuardia boys!

                                                         Guys, Go back to work!

All go about their regular duties at the LaGuardia office for the rest of the day, howbeit saddened.


Martinez later discovered that he was dealing with an impostor and couldn’t trace the whereabouts of Ricardo. ‘’Ricardo’’ was freed, though stripped off everything he came to the airport with. The LaGuardia boys have all fled, since their boss was arrested. Martinez is in jail for murder and illegal drug businesses.