Fly By Night – Medium-length fiction by Joseph Urso


      “A Prophet is not popular in the home town.  A Doctor does not heal family and friends.”

     Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Can’t quite place it though right?  Neither can I and I should, since I meditate on its meanings everyday.    I know this –  and take it from a creature of experience – this is a warning and don’t think it comes from The Creator.  Do you really think The Creator has time to issue warnings like some cosmic Mr. Chips?  No.  No of course not.  This warning  comes from a creature of experience too, one who’s bled, and there’s the problem.  Who wants to be told what to do, especially by someone who gets his ass kicked on the front line because you’re hiding in the rear.  Better to know, not to speak, and watch those who think they know get their asses kicked instead.  He should have stopped to think the bell isn’t  tolling for him.  It’s just a bell making noise. 

     Now if you’re really knowledgeable you probably have an inkling I haven’t a thought of my own, but who does.  Flies never worry about being knowledgeable or popular.  Like the rest of my kind, you might say I’m an observer of the human race.  I’m well qualified for the job since Flies have been buzzing around Earth much longer than you mere Humans.  Try not to be too mystified about my ability to communicate with other Life Forms.Don’t waste your time hiring Ph d’s to figure this out.  Besides isn’t it written all things are possible?


Joseph Urso has been writing for many years and lives with his wife in upstate New York. He may be reached via e-mail:


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