Happy Armageddon and Margaritaville – Lisa Demb of San Francisco

San Francisco sketch artist Lisa Demb wishes to share the latest from her new series “Happy Armageddon.” The drawings depict biblical apocalyptic imagery, such as a blood-red moon and vanishing sun, yet present the scenes as interesting, positive, even playful. To Demb, perhaps one can approach impending, even cataclysmic changes with curiosity and optimism.

Demb lives with some health conditions, and the work “Margaritaville” pays tribute to her caregiver Margarita, whom Demb credits with changing her life.

Lisa Demb welcomes comments, questions, requests, and any feedback regarding her artwork. She also produces custom-designed stationery, which you may order directly from her. You may write to Ms. Demb at 140 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 or call 415-776-2115 and ask for her by name.