Photography from Tammy Higgins

Trees silhouetted at sunrise or sunset. Wispy glowing clouds in the sky.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Sunset or sunrise, pink, blue, and yellow in the sky. Silhouetted trees and a sign.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Plastic pink flamingoes on grass surrounding a yellow and blue football.
Green bushes, trees, hills, and fog and clouds. Red, black, and white sign in the distance gives the call letters for a radio station.
Black and white photo with sycamore trees and an old building and a lawn.

Tammy Higgins was published in ‘Amulet’, ‘Atlantic Pacific Press ‘Conceit’ ‘Iconoclast’ ‘The International Library of Poetry and Photography’, ‘Noble House’ ‘Out in the Mountains ‘Ultimate Writer ‘Samhain Secrets of Irish Horse Anthologies’ ‘2019 Best New Emerging Poets of New Hampshire, ‘Trajectory’ and won a contest sponsored by ‘The Oak’ magazine, ‘Barbaric Yawp’. Was included in the US/THEM Wolfsinger Productions ‘Second Wind’, ‘Dear Loneliness Project loneliness, the longest letter to fight loneliness, 290 meters, three football fields or almost 1,000 sheets of A4 paper. Also had three photos in The Connected World 2020 Los Angeles Center of Photography & photo Submission in ‘Urban & Health 360, Art Impact International, The Porta Potte.’ Also a photo was published in Typehouse, Carolina Muse and Anti-Heroin Chic.

Tammy Higgins is 57 years old and was born and raised in Northern New York and lives in Southern New Hampshire.  She has MS, Diabetes Type 2, and fibro, loves the outdoors, wildlife, writing, photography, dining out, nature and gardening, gaming online, slow cookers, and learning to play my Washburn electric guitar. She listens to heavy metal and loves cats and weed.

3 thoughts on “Photography from Tammy Higgins

  1. Tammy, thanks very much for the beautiful photos. Almost as interesting as your photography is your bio and backstory. You have MS, yet don’t let that deter you from a wonderfully productive life. Good for you. I too have diabetes, and all that go with it, and Parkinson’s, etc. But there I go, playing the disability card. Sorry about that. Like you, I don’t allow my ailments to stop me from expressing myself at my own craft. Viewing your work, I am unsurprized at the awards, prizes and other plaudits you have received. Right on, Tammy!

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