Poem from Rui Carvalho

Flower Reborn (In Pedrógão)

Stubborn; As only a woman knows how to be.
Knowledgeable; As only a Goddess knows how to be.
Feminine and beautiful among the black of death,
reborn, alive, dependent on strength and not on luck.

Beautiful is your strength that gives color to the Morning.
Sunrise agape renewing Hope.
And the wind packs it, shrouded in gray dust,
that everything around him contemplates her Dance.

It is she, the Flower, who rises on the mountain,
Again, to prove that, who sowed her, was right  …
To prove that a Goddess looks at us from the front:
without fear, despite the lives the wind took.

Slowly the human work is reborn in its surroundings,
but agile to the rhythm of green Grace,
it rises faster than all,
and sharp fits the future: Dull paint.

Goddess of the Morning, clothed with Hope,
dance in Grace; It balances in the air its Braid.

by Rui M.


This poem is spiritual and feminist to honor Janine Canan, a feminist writer from California.
Pedrógão is a locality in Portugal where 64 people died this June
during a wild fire.
This and other poems will be in a new book, Pieces of Hope (in English,
Portuguese and Spanish).
For more info about the book contact

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  1. What a beautiful poem, Rui! And I am deeply touched by its dedication—thank you. And also very happy to learn of your new forthcoming book, Pieces of Hope. The more pieces of hope, the better!

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