Poem from Sarvinoz Giyosova


In the garden of your love, I find heaven.

You never let me in times of pain.

Patiently, you wait for me unwavering,

Not eating until I return again.

Your smile eliminates my life's treasures,

The most beautiful and esteemed one.

You are the sweetest flower in my soul,

Forever basking in your love's swarm sun.

Mother, I didn't do anything for you.

I never thought of you, I'm a thoughtless girl.

I smiled, I played and I walked along

like a carefree lady, without paying attention to you.

With pride and arrogance, I call myself a poet,

Several lines not rhyming, lacking meaning

Most of them wrapped in colorless paint,

Because I never wrote a poem to praise you.

Yes, I am a sinner, I know this well.

Just to speck, not worth a penny.

Mother, forgive your daughter's wrongdoings.

When did I worship you and your beautiful face?

Honey, "Your presence is my blessing", you always say.

Mother, it's time to go and I will do my responsibility.

Of course, I will do my filial duty.

I will bow down to you in Makkah as well.

Sarvinoz Giyasova was born on April 12, 2007, in the Bukhara region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. She discovered a love for literature at a young age through the stories and poems shared by her grandfather. When she was between 9 and 10 years old, she began writing her own  poems. Her poems have been published multiple times in the "Gidjduvan" newspaper, and she has also achieved recognition for  her work by winning prestigious awards in "Besh Tashabbus" contests.

  Currently, Sarvinoz is actively involved as a member and ambassador of various organizations. In addition to her literature pursuits, she is dedicated to expanding her knowledge by studying mathematics, mastering three different languages, and honing her skills in writing and translating poems in her free time. 

  Alongside these endeavors, she has been an active participant in Judo clubs and National Olympiads up until the age of 14.