Poems from J.J. Campbell

Middle aged white guy with glasses and a face mask with facial hair and a tee shirt standing in a bedroom with posters on the wall and a dresser behind him.
at any given moment
she had the look
of a woman that
would shatter
you into pieces
and you had
nothing but
she liked her
whiskey neat
and to be
with love
at any given
all that time
came in handy
twenty-seven years
a little rain on a
tuesday afternoon
twenty-seven years
after a woman got
famous for cutting
her husband's penis
life was much simpler

back then
in the nude
purple sunshine
as the horizon
you once knew
a woman who
used to smoke
cigarettes in the
nude on her front
you always thought
she would be an
amazing lover
turns out she was
just lazy and wanted
a lover that also
did her laundry
needless to say
we didn't last long

to die in a war
i never have asked
for forgiveness
and i quit asking for
permission as soon
as i was old enough
to die in a war
i've been socially
distant for the
majority of
my life
so, staying away
isn't that big
of a deal to me
and the mask reminds
me of every bad guy
i cheered for in the
westerns i watched

as a child
finding a twenty on the ground
happiness is a bet
on the winning
a woman sleeping
in your arms after
a night of ecstasy
finding a twenty
on the ground
watching it rain
after the grass
has been mowed
listening to coltrane
after the spoon has

been emptied

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  1. I am also in awe of your work. It appears to be so simple but has a message about our society.

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