Poetic collaboration between Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai (India) and Kristy Raines (USA)

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Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Kristy Raines
Epistolary Poem #155 by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of the United States of America


My heart belongs to you
I must go where you may lead
If love is red I am colour blind
I may not see the things
That you might see
And I may do just what I should do
I am looking through the eyes of love
And can see so much
The other eyes don't find
Still the sparkle in your eyes
Makes me realize one and all..

She sees the changes and speaks...

THROUGH EYES OF LOVE! (Kristy Raines) 

My heart will always belong to you
Wherever you walk, let me walk beside you
You could never see through my eyes .. But
I now see changes in you that weren't there before
I will always let you do things your way
But now I see more compassion and more empathy
You are seeing so much more through eyes of love 
They now sparkle when I catch you smiling 
And if I have helped you see some of these things
know that I was sent to you for that very purpose

You have shown me many things too.... <3

Epistolary poem #196 by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and 
Kristy Raines of The United States of America

I BELONG TO YOU! (Kristy Raines) 

The pain and anguish won't be lost
But I 'll be yours all the days ahead 
I 've scattered myself around you
Love has bloomed in your fragrance 
I accept it whatever be consequences 
I belong to you and I do live in yours
I care not if the world stands against 
Call me faithless and I won't mind ever
I see my heaven burnt ere even built
Now where 'll this affliction of love reside
I crave for you no matter what you're .

She will always take her chances with him...

YOU BELONG TO ME! (Dr. Dalai) 

Though painful moments still remain
I will always be yours until time stops
You have made a nest in every part of my life
and unshakable love for you grew stronger 
I'll stand strong beside you regardless
of whatever comes against us in this world
You belong to me, and I to you no matter the cost
Faithless is something we will never be
for our heaven abides in the love that we share
I may not be the one you would have chosen in the past
but I am the one who denies you nothing 
and the one who loves you in every circumstance. 
Never will I ever crave anyone else's touch but yours
as your heart fits perfectly, like a glove, in mine

Kristy Raines is a poet, writer, and author, born in Oakland California, in the USA. Kristy is retired, married, and has two children and three granddaughters.

Kristy has five books waiting to be published. One anthology with  prominent poet from India, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, will launch sometime in 2024 called, "I Cross my Heart from East to West", along with two fantasy books of her own called, "Rings, Things and Butterfly Wings" and "Princess and The Lion", an anthology of her poems in called, "The Passion Within Me, and her autobiography called,  "My Very Anomalous Life".  Kristy has received many literary awards for her unique style of writing. 

She is also an administrator for Chaucer's Square and Motivational Strips Literary Groups on Facebook.

Kristy enjoys music, making pottery, painting and raising awareness for the Rohingya people and friends who live in the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar and also raises awareness on human trafficking internationally.

Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai (DOB 07/06/1973) is a passionate Indian Author-cum-poet while a tremendous lecturer of English by profession in the Ganjam district of Odisha. He is an accomplished source of inspiration for young generation of India. His free verse on Romantic and melancholic  poems is appreciated by everyone. He belongs to a small typical village, Nandiagada of Ganjam District, in the state of Odisha.

After schooling he studied intermediate and graduated In Kabisurjya Baladev vigyan Mahavidyalaya then earned a MA in English from Berhampur University PhD in language and literature and a D.litt from Colombian Poetic House in South America.

He promotes his specific writings around the world literature and trades with multiple stems that are related to current issues based on his observation and experiences that need urgent attention. He is an award winning writer who has achieved various laurels from the circle of writers worldwide. His free verse poems not only inspire young readers but also the ready of current time. His poetic goal right now is inspiring others, some of which are appreciated by laurels of India and across the world. Many of his poems have been translated in different Indian languages and earned global appreciation and lots of well wishes for his upcoming writings and success in the future.

He is an award winning poet and author of many best seller books. Recently he was awarded Rabindra nath Tagore and Gujarat Sahitya Academy for the year 2022 from Motivational Strips and a gold medal from the World Union of Poets, France & the Winner Of Rahim Karim's world literary prize in 2023.The government of Odisha's Higher Education Department appointed him as a president to the governing body of Padmashree Dr Ghanashyam Mishra Sanskrit Degree College and he is the Kabisurjyanagar.Winner of HYPERPOEM GUINNESS WORLD RECORD 2023. Recently he was awarded at the SABDA literary Festival at Assam.


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  1. This is a wonderful epistolary work, K. Raines and Dr. P. Kumar!
    My felicitations to both of you!
    – Saad Ali

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