Poetry from Aasma Tahir

Young South Asian woman with light skin, dark sunglasses, short black hair, and a yellow blouse sitting inside a car.
The Last Resort of Love 

The sand laden winds, 
Lacerate wounds of the heart, 
The chain of breath snaps, 
How much indignant is the harsh wind. 
O! The last resort of love, 
Take me along to such a beach, 
Where I may wash mistiness of my heart, 
So that dust of the brutal city, 
May vanish from the mirror, 
And I should keep on running for a long time 
Towards a far off of land, to a green forest. 
So that I may get out 
Of clutches of the demolishing city, 
Trampling all memories and promises,  
Far away from the city splashed with 
The pollution of heart and mind.   

The wind beckons me 
Humming the song of peace and love, 
To put on my soul the silk of consolation.

Aasma Tahir is a poetess from Lahore, Pakistan. She is a poetess of English and Urdu both. She has done Masters in English Literature. She is the member of World Nations Writers’ Union. Her writings have been published in several Anthologies and national and international literary magazines and websites. Recently her poetry book “A Lantern in the Forest” has been published.
Her interview along with fifteen English poems have been selected in an Anthology “Postmodern Voices” published from India. 
As an internationally recognized poetess, she recently achieved membership of World Nation Writers’ Union, Kazakhistan and an award “Paragon of Hope” awarded by World Nations Writers’ Union.
She was invited in World Peace Summit, Nigeria by World Institute for Peace to present her poetry.

Her English poem “Woman of Art” has been selected in an Anthology of English Poetry ‘Emerging Horizons’ published from India.
Moreover, her English poem “Blood Festival” has been selected in an Anthology ‘Jallianwala Bagh Poetic Tributes’ published from India. Her poems “Daemonic Tales”, “Breathing in Love” and “Imitation of Life” have been published in  BHARATHVISION.INFO (online magazine, affiliated with ‘Motivational Strips’). Her acrostic poem “Romance” got the first position in Tunision Asian Poetry contest and received winner certificate.

Moreover, her English poems “A New Moon of the Deep Chasm”, “Imitation of Life” and “The Lost File of Love” have been published by Sir Sajid Hussain in his book ‘A Bouquet of Triple Colours’.
Furthermore, her several poems have been translated in Bangla language and published in the newspaper ‘The Daily Gour Bangla’.

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  1. Far away from the city splashed with
    The pollution of heart and mind”…majic odor dilating the nostril and quickens the heart. It has been written with berry juice at such images.

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