Poetry from Abdul Razzaq Al-Amiri

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The Game and the Deluge 

O, lady! 
Your face is a word 
Hidden under the feathers of a peacock, 
A lady in a large hall .. alone 
Whose secret is wrapped in nothingness. 
O, lady! 
I avoid crying 
Beyond my occult voice 
While repeating the words of a sentence. 
My fear cancels off all things 
To keep you a lady of the absolute 
Reducing this paper cosmos 
To an idol on a banquet of the earth 
Announcing the death of Man. 
The game could not stop the deluge. 

The River of a Knife Poetry is ritualistic 
O, you, my wish 
Be goddesses and amulets 
Or keep silent for ever. 
And turn off as a dream 
In the head of a castaway, 
A banquet of fruits for the spirit, 
Crows 're hiding the oblation love 
In a river of a knife. 

All are a Chatter 
Bag All are a bag of cackles, 
All travel throughout words 
Drawing the circle of death. 
Black magic 
Declares the world as my grave. 
Death is the road of gnostics. 
So be steps and follow my steps 
The path of God passes through 
The sins of the exiles. 

Abdul Razzaq Al-Amiri 1947-2010, a poet from Najaf, started writing poetry at an early age and published his poems in Iraqi newspapers and magazines at that time. His poetry was characterized by philosophical contemplation, emotional and intellectual alienation, and a preference for solitude and staying away from the public eye. In 1969, he published his first poetry collection titled "Qurban Al-Ishreen" (Sacrifice of the Twenties), and among his other poetry collections is "Diaries of the Eternal Question”. Translated into English By Hussein Nasser Jabr.

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