Poetry from Abramat Faizulloev (needs to stay May 1st)

Central Asian teen boy with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a black suit and tie.
Abramat Fayzulloev


There is a mother, the world is bright,
Mother is the lamp of life.
He enlivens the world with his love,
There is a mother and a person is created.

Tongues were speechless at the tariff,
I have mercy on you.
Without my world, my mother,
I will fly with you.

I embrace the worlds together,
I shine with your love.
Be happy always be healthy,
You are my sunshine mom.

    ✍Faizulloev Abramat

Fayzulloev, son of Abramat Sayfi, was born on June 1, 2003 in Dehganabad district, Kashkadarya region.
🏢. Economics and Pedagogical University, primary education, 2nd stage student, winner of the badge for "international services" of the Double Wing International Creative Foundation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 5 participants of the international anthology and 2 manuals are currently on sale on 10 sites of morebooks. He is also a holder of a high-level diploma of Navoi city administration and a member of the Golden Wings of the Republic.