Poetry from Aklima Ankhi

Young Central Asian woman with a peach headscarf with decorative jewels and a pink top standing outside in front of trees.
Akhlina Ankhi
World Vivek Aklima
Ankhi Morning is not good 
Even Noon and Night are the same. 
Who are chasing our goodness? 
Think,World Vivek knows it well! 
It is you who are the vigilant warden of it. 
Our voice echoes on the cosmological wall. 
See once — 
How is the present quaking by the past blankly? 
Then now scratch — 
Your conviction in the hands of the unborn.

Aklima Ankhi, poet, storyteller and translator from Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh. Born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. She has a published poetry named "Guptokothar Shobdochabi" written in Bangla.She is a post graduate in English Literature. As a profession she is a Lecturer in English.