Poetry from Alan Catlin


Love. All you need is. Makes the world
go ‘round. Is a many splendored. Thing.
Love Shack. Love Boat. Love Canal.
Kevin Love. Thirty Love. Forty-five love.
Sixty. Love. Somebody to. Love. Hiroshima
My. Love. Love hurts. Love is a battlefield.
Love at six thousand degrees.


Joy in the morning. Joy to the world.
All the boys. And girls. Joy to the fishes
In the deep blue. Sea. See. Blue Meridian.
Blood Meridian.  Jeremiah was a.



Violent Femmes or Psychedelic Furs.
Dead Kennedys or Dead Milkmen
It’s all happening at zoo.  Charlie
Don’t Surf. It smells like.
Teen spirit. Victory.

Astro turf never needs water.
Plush lawns for pink flamingoes.
Black jockey statues with ring 
handles. Tethers for ghost ponies.
Kissing cousins to Christmas displays.
The reindeer. And the elves.
Yard dwarfs and garden gnomes.
Paint them with glitter. Glow in
the dark colors. Lawn ornaments
need attitudes.


Easy reading or Life Stories

Briefing for a Descent into Hell
or Woman of Solitude

The Golden Notebook or
The Bell Jar

Canticle for Liebowitz or
Wittgenstein’s Mistress

Desert Solitaire or
Arctic Dreams

Hades in Manganese or
An Alchemist with One Eye
on Fire

Portrait of Dorain Gray or
A Guided Tour of Hell (again)

Patti Smith. Solo. Portraits of
people. Stuff. Walt Whitman’s
tomb. Sonic’s Fender. Cross with
a mirror. Mapplethorpe’s hands.
His slippers. His star mirror, London.
His cross. Jesus with a flower.
V. Woolf’s cane. Duncan Grant’s
paintbrushes.  Pitted mirror, East
Sussex. The River Ouse. Robert
Graves’s straw hat. William Blake’s
head. Not a Fordham Baldie.  A
visionary. Brighton Beach sea gull.
Herman Hesse’s typewriter. Bust of
Baudelaire. Brancusi’s grave. Ingres’s
Christ detail. Rimbaud’s eating
utensils. Godard seated, Alexandria.
St Sebastian. Details. Arrows. Turin.
Shroud. Details. Stuffed bear with a
Calling card tray. Tolstoy’s house. 
No one home. Self Portrait 2003.

Ocean Avenue Salvage: A Personal History

My mother’s metronome

Her mother’s books
Robert Louis Stevenson
Richard Harding Davis

My mother in law’s tea cups
My father in law’s tools

My step-mother’s wicker baskets
My father’s picture in a heart shaped frame

Their Shaker Art

It’s a gift to be simple

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