Poetry from Amina Sahi

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The Sparrow in this Baffling Morning 

What is going on there 
Round the balcony of your house, 
At the Charming Strings of the dawn? 
Life is shining, 
The meadows have had an early wake, 
The sun is wearing a dress of gold 
Dancing in the air, 
Trees are flying over windows 
like butterflies of the spring. 
Mutterings can be heard from your silvery balcony 
Like a song as delicate as jasmine, 
and as tasty as a loving kiss. 
She was afraid he would hear her pulsing heart 
When he showed up with his white shirt, 
And an aura of purity around him 
As if he were surrounded by angels; 
While she was swaying down the tree, 
The bough was bowing under her heavily reticent heart. 
And as he was extending his hand, like a white cloud, 
To touch her, 
The morning breeze began to tremble 
And her heart was set ablaze. 
The sparrow keeps a secret 
She will never reveal even then. 

An Iraqi poet who moved to the USA after 2003 -Studied at the University of Vermont. -Has her own business in designing and trading fashion. -Before the 2003 war, she lost all her unpublished poems at the hands of terrorists who also destroyed her home with the family photos and memories. -Published her first collection of poetry entitled, The Sumerian Grief Bibliography, in 2019." Translated into English By Hussein Nasser Jabr

3 thoughts on “Poetry from Amina Sahi

  1. I am really glad to see two.poens of my translation published here, one by Amjna Sahi, another by Abdul Razzaq Al ameeri. I wish readers a pleasant time reading them.

    • I am deeply grateful for the attention given to one of my poems, for translating and publishing it. I wish you ongoing success and brilliance.
      Amina Sahi.

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