Poetry from Amirova Niginabonu

Teen Central Asian girl with dark straight hair and a white collared shirt and blue tie and black vest.
Amirova Niginabonu
Cloud and sun

In the vast bosom of the sky,
Tinctures "blessed youth".
I'm tired of watching
Light is a generous sun.

To share my love
It was the sun's turn.
Unceasing cloud,
Share the tears.

So the sun changed,
Thanks to the cloud.
My service is over
I also give my light.

The sun is tied around his waist,
ready for service
Cloud's tears,
Dice turn into light.

A house by the river
A lonely house on the bank of the river,
Who was watching and waiting for?
Tevarak is surrounded by green trees,
How many days were crowded or lonely?

Not one guest, one thousand and one people.
Thankful refuge for all.
The passenger does not separate, does not choose at all.
It is a sin not to open the door.

The fury of winter, the day of the Koran,
A boat companion tied to a tree.
He is destined to be rewarded,
The sad, sad look of the loved ones.


The skin of the mind, the universe decorates,
Don't worry about your behavior.
The tariff you are told is a description,
A flower will please your heart.

We are higher than the mountain that will raise your glory,
Your services are an example to many.
Enthusiasm is always a friend of the mind.
Be familiar with the truth.

Law of life

The ice that conquered the peaks of the mountains,
It slowly melts from the sun.
Rushing through the grass
They are sick when they look up.

Life gives by walking the path,
There will be those who are offended.
This is the law of life from time immemorial,
Everything would be great then


white ship with white sails,
Suzar in the sea wave.
The sails flutter,
The horn is at the height of the wind.

Heading towards the horizon,
The goal is goodness.
Accompanying people
Let's reach the goal.

A tiny white ship,
There is a lot of power in him.
Believe in his power,
Your intentions are answered.


In the middle of the day,
It rained suddenly.
Nature's wonderful,
He performed a miracle.

The garden faded away,
From the rustling sound.
Insects are amazed,
From this rustling sound.

The rain has stopped,

The sun is in its place.
The sky suddenly cleared,
He looked beautiful.

Seven kinds of rainbow
Samo smiles across the sky.
I love you
Unfortunately, Ming does not know.

Rainbow from my youth,
I love the shine.
A drop of water in the sun,
I know you will be punished.

Amirova Niginabonu was born in the village of Ibrahimota ,Nurabad district , Samarkand Region .The 8 th – grade student of the Samarkand Specialized Art Boarding School has published a book of poetry entitled ʼʼ Kaldirgochʼʼ His creative works were published in the youth magazine      ʼʼ Samarkand Mishoirasiʼʼ

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  1. Amirova, to say that I was astounded and amazed to learn of your youth would be a vast understatement. Your poetry overreaches your youth. Thank you so much for sharing your mature and thoughtful verse. I shall fall asleep tonight thinking of it.

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