Poetry from Anila Bukhari

Young light-skinned woman with long dark hair, glasses, a white blouse and blue and gold and white necklace seated on a fancy couch.
Anila Bukhari
Open your eyes

I hold the utmost respect in my heart,
For those who are never separated from their families.

Some fathers, however, wear sharp arrows,
slowly eroding the rights of their daughters to freedom.
They say they love them, but they are bound tightly,
Their limited minds, girls, forbidding the light.

Oh how they violate the wishes of their daughters, .
saw the depth of his illness.
It is considered a sin to write as a girl,
Not knowing they are caught in the dark.

How many different souls do you cover?
You cannot understand the magnitude of this.
Harming girls is a horrible crime.
Education, dreams, and time to be rejected.

But in this big world, there can be disappointment,
However, women deserve a safe place and housing.
No sleep or torture, let it be done,
Because they are beautiful and safe.

So open your eyes and see,
The power and strength of your daughters.
Let go of the closed bonds of life, .
and give them the freedom to really shine.

Truly compassionate and determined, Anila Bukhari has dedicated her life to supporting children’s rights and affecting a better world. Born with a compassionate heart, Anila has crossed continents and touched the lives of countless individuals through her incredible work.

Anila lived under the importance and transformative power of education from an early age. With an unwavering commitment to empowering children, she embarked on a mission to provide quality education to those who needed it the most. Anila’s efforts span many countries, making an indelible impact on the lives of children and their communities.

One of Anila’s most important accomplishments has been her work to raise awareness of the refugee situation. Understanding the plight of displaced individuals, he took it upon himself to educate more than 1,000 refugees through online forums. Through her dedication and innovative approach, she created a YouTube channel specifically tailored to meet the needs of visually impaired individuals, ensuring that they too had access to the world of knowledge and literature .

Anila’s passion for social justice extends to her tireless efforts in fighting child marriage and advocating for women’s rights. Through her powerful poems and impactful campaigns, she has highlighted the challenges young girls face and the urgent need to end child marriage. Her work has not only raised awareness but also inspired action, and has brought about a major change in legal and social attitudes.