Poetry from Avaungwa Jemgbagh

The day he exit

It was a black day void of emotions yet filled with nothingness.
Father called with a loving tone and son comes ingest with daddy 
Buddies and loved ones assembled the table 
Feasting in different numbers as one.
He had gone to lay down his body 
But suddenly a scream knocked everyone to shock 
Doctors ran their ways, in and out, biting their fingers 
As to be compared to when a hunter misses his target.

I bashed in unannounced like a security guard 
And watched how his glowing eyes turned pale.
Mummy, palleted in grief, sighed deeply,
She began to drown the hospital in an ocean of  tears
Thoughts shuffled my heart, plights ran in search of solution
And I sprinkled prayers at the visage of God 
But he was too busy to grant my wish, too busy to save my man.

Soon daddy went on peaceful ride from the struggles of existence 
His gentle soul waved at me as he departed to meet his own.
Hopes left me stranded, swallowing darkness. I became an empty body!