Poetry from Azemina Krehic

Young Central Asian woman with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, lipstick, a gray jacket and low necked green blouse, with a lake and buildings and trees behind her.

Mulberry trees should not be planted near the house, 
Not even a walnut tree. 

Their veins are demonic 
And if they scatter, the house will ensure to stay deserted... 

In the morning, the mulberry tree was wounded. 

Shadow lay dead beneath him for hundreds of lost birds. 

Only goats ate his flickering tops, 
Which are until yesterday 
It could only be reached with the eyes... 

Azemina Krehić was born on October 14, 1992 in Metković, Republic of Croatia. Winner of several international awards for poetry, including: Award of university professors in Trieste, 2019.,„Mak Dizdar“ award, 2020. Award of the Publishing Foundation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2021. „Fra Martin Nedić“ Award, 2022. She is represented in several international anthologies of poetry.

One thought on “Poetry from Azemina Krehic

  1. When I was little I loved mulberry trees because I raised silkworms that fed on their leaves; Then they became chrysalises and flew like poems, dissolving my dreams in the middle of the night. I like your Poem, but I know that birds don’t like mulberry trees.

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