Poetry from Azemina Krehic

Young white woman stands to the left of a picture with brick ruins and an arch in the background. She has waist length dark hair, a black top and blue jeans, and a floral jacket.
Azemina Krehic


You said;

I will leave!

I will remove the seed of your image from my eyes

And plant it in the hard land of oblivion.

The shine from pupils will easily squirm, 

like a fish from palms.


I stood like a tree with many branches

abandoned by birds

and their nests.


I'm getting used to it

like earth's ground on dead bodies -

to your headless 



Azemina Krehić was born on October 14, 1992 in Metković, Republic of Croatia.

Winner of several international awards for poetry, including:

Award of university professors in Trieste, 2019.,

„Mak Dizdar“ award, 2020.

Award of the Publishing Foundation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2021.

„Fra Martin Nedić“ Award, 2022.

She is represented in several international anthologies of poetry.