Poetry from Azimjon Toshpulatov

Young Central Asian teen girl with brown eyes and dark hair in a black jacket and black top.
Azimjon Toshpulatov
I'm sorry mom...

I made mistakes before I could go far,
I put lies on the end of the truth.
I know I hurt you
I'm sorry, my dear mother.

I said sweetly to another,
When it comes to you, I'm back.
I'm here to apologize,
I'm sorry, my dear mother.

I'm trying to please everyone,
Your heart is fine, look, I'm fine.
I'll come back to you,
I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry.

Daughter of Ilhomova Mohichehra Azimjon, 7th grade student of Zarafshan city, Navoi region, school No. 9.

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