Poetry from Bruce Roberts

Terrorists Ukrainian

	So Vladimir has started a war,
A move the world will abhor,
Yet he is the one responsible—
	    War,  war, war—
Homes, apartments, hospitals, stores
	    All destroyed,
   Thousands killed—elderly,
	  Women, children,
	   Whole families—
  Ukrainian culture
By Russian soldiers
    Impressed into service
      In a war they hate.

Yet when a drone is suspected
 Of trying to assassinate Vlad—
That’s Vlad the Mastermind,
	Vlad the Murderer—
He cries “TERRORISTS!”
	   The Horror!
	    To think
 Anyone would seek revenge
	For his multitude of 
	    War Crimes,
     As he sits comfortable 
     In his Kremlin office,
   Smirk of satisfaction
Gratifying his murderous face!

The Sun Also Swallows

Daily life—waking, sleeping, eating, cleaning, 
	walking, driving, learning, playing, 
	This is how our time is spent,
	Born to the Earth, growing up,
	Filling our days with tedium,
		  With excitement,
	Until time is up, and we move on.

	Yet this mundane saga
			Of our own self-importance
	  Is paralleled, overshadowed,
		  Dwarfed even—
		   By science!

	Today’s paper told of a RED GIANT,
		A star in the far reaches
			Of our universe,
		  For countless years 
			Grown larger,
			 And larger,
		    Until one day
		   It swallowed—
      Yes, that’s the word used—
		 A nearby planet.

	  Thus today, as I bask lazily
		 In our sun’s warmth,
	  Must always be the thought
		    That our sun 
		Will one day do the same—
		 SWALLOW the Earth
			That we love.

	Do I want to wait the 5 billion years
		  To see it happen?