Poetry from Chimezie Ihekuna

See Life In Your Own Way

Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna


Deceptions try permeating my sub-conscious like a virus

Ugly events want to make me dance bad circus

I choose to see myself as the citrus

That grows in the field of peace

Never caught up by the weeds of disease

I’m hooked with creativity through my ability

To express my service to humanity

I see life my own way

Decided not to be in dis-array

It doesn’t matter the name;

Whose distraction is giving him the fame

For I know that’s his game



I’m out for the money

but not down with the honeys

because they are monkeys

pretending to be like good mummies

I’m ahead of my time like time

That’s why  you don’t see me all the time

That’s the way I see it…My own way

So, see life in your own way!

Heralding God’s Magnificence

Lord, thank you for grace
For you are with me always as I run my race
Inspite of my nakedness, you shield me with your lace
By faith, I can move mountains
For you’ve made me an ace
Christ is my base
I can’t be shaken by life’s rays
For in God’s presence, I’m more than all mays
And in Christ, I put my enemies at infinite bays
The Lord God is in charge of my case
For His word is greater than what anybody says
His death on the cross is greater than all my big pays
So, I’ve chosen to serve Him, Grace!


Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called, is poised to give humanity all he has to offer-values that give life a meaning. He is doing this continuously through the mechanism known as creative writing. Through painstaking efforts of gathering knowledge, this G.A.N.G (An acrostic that stands for Generally Appreciating Notable Genres) writer is aimed at making life worth its while to himself and those around him.

To depict this feat, he has written over twenty work titles-Fiction and non-fiction. Among those are his popular “Maya: Initiate 39”, “Saved By His Grace”, “11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Against…”, “7 Mistakes Christians Make” and many others as unveiled in his blog www.manuscriptsofben.wordpress.com. He is a member of TED.com, Christianwriters.com, International Association of Aspiring Authors and his articles are showcased on ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com and other affiliate sites.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Ben enjoys reading, communicating with people and traveling.


My Publications (Titles and Links)

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Chimezie Ihekuna will have an upcoming collection of poetry published this winter from Wild Dreams Publishing in Australia.