Poetry from Daniel De Culla

Paintings next to each other on the sidewalk propped against a purple and yellow wall. One of a woman's hands and face with red lipstick and nail polish and another of a gas mask on a black background.


When Milei makes peace with a chainsaw

The world is good.

This Trump Donkey impersonator

With two aunts who seem good

A She Donkey, his wife

And a She Ass, his sister

With their two melons on their chest

In the style of the Italian “Meloni”

It’s very funny

And chainsaw pounder

Wanting, that’s his promise

Bring peace among argentines

Giving death to murderous death

Of the criminal coup generals

Laughing, touching balls

Of the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Giving life to raw and hard fascism

That another day, at its morning

From this circus president

That will say to his people with a loud shout:

-Cover yourself well with the chainsaw

Almost entirely your fighting body

That death for our opponents

Comes without letting them live a day.

-Don’t leave any

My loved Pricks and Cunts fighters

That Trump sent me.

My chainsaw will hurt

Their hearts of big sewer rats

Infusing you with vital breaths

And mortal fear of them.

-My Argentine people

Ass fools with stinging flowers

If you are going to give me a kiss

Give it to my two she donkeys first

That they have brought me forward.

This is how the Argentines are

And will be relieved

This Ass president

The one they called “the crazy one”

In the Seminary

Making, to make roses and suns

As that blessed woman

That smoke came out of her ass

People asking what she was doing

She responding:

-Far with lover’s affection

How it is done in the Vatican

With the Papas

That, before God, they are worth so much.

Oh Argentina

How many bitternesses and lethal thorns

Are waiting for you

Thanks to this Ass

Elected president ¡

-Daniel de Culla

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